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Personalise Your Own Natural Pillow Mist

Craft bespoke natural mist in intimate studio
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1.5 hours
Booking type
Join-in trip
At location
Group size
Up to 10 guests
Craft your own natural mist & bring zen back home
CUSTOMISED NATURAL MIST WORKSHOP Need some help falling into your zen moment? Hyuuga natural mist is a multi-purpose spray that can be used as a natural perfume, a space or pillow mist with skin-beautifying components - Rosewater. Emulsify with your desired pure essential oil, you will be taking back your own natural mist with customised label at the end of the day.For special requests such as decoration before the session, or private session please contact us
What You’ll be Doing
Get to customise your own label at the end of the day!
Show Details
What’s Included
Natural mist ingredients
Blending equipment and materials
20+ different essential oils to choose from
Essential oil guide, scent and therapeutic effects
Complimentary tea and mineral water
Natural mist of your creation-50ml (a convenient of using aromatherapy)
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Select Time for 23 Apr 2024
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Where we'll meet
Start Point
Meet-up at #05-02, Golden Wall Flatted Factory(Golden Wall Flatted Factory, Jalan Rajah, Singapore)
  • 30 mins before selected timeslot
End Point
  • End at Start Point(s)
Start & ends
  • Every Monday
    11:30AM - 01:00PM
    01:00PM - 02:30PM
    02:30PM - 04:00PM
    04:00PM - 05:30PM
  • Every Tuesday
    11:30AM - 01:00PM
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Suitability / Accessibility
  • Child Friendly (Recommended Age: 12+)
Cancellation & other policies
  • Cancellation
    To secure your spot, your host will turn away other guests. Because of this, cancellations aren't allowed.
  • Minimum Participants
    If there are fewer than 2 participants, the host may reschedule or refund your booking.
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S$ 85/person
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Hyuuga (日向 ; ) means "Towards the Sun”, which every lifeform on earth is blessed with its majestic power to live. If you have ever watched a sunrise or a sunset, you’ll agree when we say there is no other moment like this, where our senses are more in-tune with nature, and a moment of silence falls within us. It is that magical moment when nature and our soul have subconsciously merged as one. We may not seize or stop time, but our olfactory memory has the ability to draw us back to the moment where life touches us. Likewise, the creation of our essence comes with this same thought. To pursue the ability to awake one’s soul from scent and craft. In Hyuuga, we strive with purity to bring out the best of nature for your well-being through therapeutic and sustainable products.
Experience: 2 years
Speaks: Fluent English
Acceptance rate: 96%
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