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Beach Cleanup with Naturalist Guides | Great for Teams

Contribute to environmental preservation by cleaning up beaches with naturalist guides.
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1.5 hours
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Private trip
At location
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Up to 30 guests
Join us for a Beach Cleanup for a meaningful experience and positive impact on the environment.
Participating in the Sentosa Beach Cleanup is a special experience that not only allows you to enjoy the beautiful beach but also makes a positive impact on the environment. The best part is that you'll be guided through this meaningful experience with passionate naturalists who can tell you more about the marine wildlife, and how the waste impacts them.This experience is perfect for a group of people who are nature enthusiasts, environmentalists, and anyone who wants to make a difference in protecting the environment.ImpactThis activity directly contributes to the preservation of the natural environment by removing litter and waste from the beach, helping to protect marine life and ecosystems. It also brings people together, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility for the environment. Participants will get hands-on experience in environmental conservation, learning about the impact of pollution and the importance of responsible waste disposal.What to ExpectIntroduction: Welcome and explanation of the importance of the cleanupBeach Cleanup: Participants disperse along the beach, picking up litter with provided toolsWeighing and Sorting: Sorting and weighing the collected trash to showcase the impactClosing Remarks: Thanking participants and emphasizing responsible waste disposalInclusions: All logistics provided, including tongs, gloves, and bagsAdd-ons: To make the experience extra meaningful, we'd recommend adding on the Marine conservation discussion. This will be an additional 1-hour discussion with your naturalist guide on marine litter and its adverse impacts. This will add more colour to your experience, and make it much more interesting!
What You’ll be Doing
Clean up the beach, sort and weigh collected trash, and raise awareness about environmental conservation
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What’s Included
All logistics provided (tongs, gloves, bags etc.)
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Meet-up at Sentosa(Siloso Beach Walk, Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore)
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08:00AM - 09:30AM
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    Cancel 24 hours before activity for a full refund
S$ 35/person
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Meet your host
Dennis and his team of nature nerds are all about getting you hands-on with the wild side of Singapore. They started out just exploring for fun, but their passion for everything from tidepool critters to frogs calls became contagious. Now, they're on a mission to share their love of the outdoors and help you connect with the amazing nature hidden in plain sight. Plus, they and their marine biologist friends regularly organize beach cleanups, making them even cooler in our book.
Experience: 5 years
Speaks: Fluent English
Acceptance rate: 94%
Top Rated Host
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