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Private WW2 Bunker Exploration | Perfect for Teams & Schools

Uncover wartime mysteries in hidden bunkers.
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2.5 hours
Booking type
Private trip
At location
Group size
Up to 60 guests
Explore hidden WW2 bunkers in Singapore with Beyond Expeditions, perfect for team-building and history enthusiasts.
Embark on a private guided expedition to the historic Marsiling Bunkers in Singapore, with a unique twist that adds adventure to camaraderie, making it an ideal team-building experience.Highlights:- Historical Exploration: Delve into the remnants of WWII-era bunkers, concealed within a lush forest devoid of established trails. These bunkers once stored essential supplies and ammunition during the British and Japanese occupations, offering a glimpse into Singapore's wartime history.- Interactive Challenges: Enhancing the expedition's appeal, our Beyond Expeditions team introduces engaging mini-challenges, designed to infuse an element of fun. While details are kept a surprise, rest assured that they are neither intimidating nor obligatory, ensuring inclusivity across age groups, spanning from 5 to 65 years.- Photographic Keepsakes: Our experienced team also doubles as personal photographers, capturing precious moments of your journey. Be prepared to witness a side of Singapore that remains hidden to most.Eligibility:This expedition accommodates participants of all ages, from 5-year-olds to those in their 60s, provided they possess an adventurous spirit and a willingness to embrace unconventional fun. Don't worry about getting your hands dirty; it's all part of the adventure.Weather Consideration:Come rain or shine, the expedition proceeds as scheduled. We recommend bringing rain gear in case of inclement weather.Pet-Friendly Option:For pet owners seeking a unique adventure for their furry companions, this expedition welcomes pets, provided they don't mind getting a little muddy. Please note that the mud can be quite deep, making it more suitable for larger dogs.
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Powerful Nitecore headlamps
Photographs of your journey through this activity
Public toilet nearby
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Select Time for 23 Apr 2024
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Start Point
Meet-up at Open carpark @Woodlands Waterfront park(Admiralty Road West, Woodlands Waterfront Park, Singapore)
  • 15 mins before selected timeslot
End Point
  • End at Start Point(s)
Start & ends
08:30AM - 11:30AM
02:00PM - 04:30PM
Suitability / Accessibility
  • Pet-Friendly
  • Child Friendly (No Minimum Age)
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    To secure your spot, your host will turn away other guests. Because of this, cancellations aren't allowed.
  • Extenuating Circumstances Policy
    In the event that one or more participants are tested positive (or suspected) for Covid-19, they are required to present a verification from MOH. Customers can choose to reschedule the trip to a later date.
S$ 130/person
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Meet your host
Scott Tay, the founder and owner of Beyond Expeditions, started backpacking at the ripe age of 17. During those years and into adulthood, Scott developed into an seasoned traveller. Whenever Scott steps out into the world for travel, he makes a point to go off the beaten path. "Unconventional destinations", that's his mantra. He is a celebrated photographer with a diverse portfolio ranging from landscape to portraiture. His outgoing and friendly demeanour makes him a charismatic and effable facilitator for your expedition, while his sense of humour and love for the locals and nomads is contagious to those around him. This brawny gentleman was also a former fire fighter certified in emergency response and imbued with grit, tenacity and a deep sense of responsibility. Scott brings along with him an immense wealth of experience in adventure and the outdoors. Most recently, Scott embarked on a personal journey to raise funds for the Singapore Cancer Society and trekked 800 km across the Gobi Desert of Mongolia.
Speaks: Fluent English
Acceptance rate: 95%
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Helpful Questions

What should I pack?
A set of clean clothes, towel and a pair of slippers or clean shoes (to freshen up after the activity)
Drinking water bottle
Gloves (optional)
Hat/cap and buff (to prevent spiders and geckos from landing on you and crawling down your body)
Insect repellent
Long sleeve shirt and long pants
Water booties (highly recommended) or high-cut waterproof trekking boots you don’t mind getting drenched in mud
Pre-Requisites for The Trip
The trek is suitable for participants of all ages, but it’s not for the faint-hearted due to the dark confined space, the mud, and creepy crawlies.
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