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Holland Village Outdoor Escape Game

Turn your neighborhood into a game, it's oddly addictive.
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2 hours
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Private trip
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Up to 1000 guests
Unlock secrets of Holland Village with a unique outdoor escape game
Think you know Holland Village? Think again! Join Void Deck Cat, the mysterious feline of the HDBs, on a WhatsApp-guided scavenger hunt that'll turn this buzzing neighborhood into a giant puzzle. Crack clues, uncover secrets, and maybe even score some insider deals at hidden cafes and shops tucked within Holland V. Choose your own pace – speed through for leaderboard glory, or chill out and make a day of it. It's the perfect quirky way to rediscover this iconic spot!Solve riddles, see Holland V anew: Decode clues sent by the elusive Void Deck Cat.Choose your own adventure: Race through the game or take breaks to explore.Hidden gems galore: Unlock secret spots and fun deals along the way.WhatsApp makes it easy: No app needed, just follow Void Deck Cat's messages.Celebrate? Make it personal! Add a custom ending message for a special touch.Customer Reviews"Very well planned and executed. Very engaging and covers a lot of hidden gems in the area. Lots of fun with friends. Highly recommend for group of 3 or more." - David"Highly recommend this adventure if you like solving mysteries, exploration, and discovery." - W.W."I am surprised to discover some fun facts about the history of the areas during the course of solving the clues of the game. The game is well guided and organised." - HenryHow to play?1. Choose your preferred date and starting time slot.2. Play solo (individual ticket) or with friends (team of 2, 3, 4, or 5).3. Upon ticket purchase, you'll receive game setup instructions via email.4. Arrive at the starting point anytime within your selected timeslot. Please note that ticket timings represent game start times, and gameplay can continue beyond the selected ticket timings.5. Start the game at your convenience using WhatsApp when you're ready.About Void Deck CatYou've likely encountered Void Deck Cat without even realising it. This elusive feline often roams HDB void decks, silently observing and disappearing as mysteriously as she appears. Void Deck Cat has a wealth of knowledge from her travels across Singapore, and she's willing to share it with those who prove themselves worthy. Test your mettle by sending her a WhatsApp message at 85129322!Important Information - Please Read(1) When purchasing multiple tickets, please ensure that each ticket is associated with a unique mobile number. Using duplicate or identical mobile numbers for multiple tickets may cause issues with the proper functioning of the game.(2) Hidden Singapore communicates game-related information through WhatsApp. By purchasing tickets, you and your teammates consent to receiving game instructions and updates via WhatsApp. Please note that any data charges incurred while receiving or downloading this information to your mobile phone are not the responsibility of Hidden Singapore.(3) Ticket timings represent the start times for the game. However, gameplay is allowed to continue beyond the initially selected ticket timings.For Team BuildingOur escape room game is fully customisable for team building purposes. We can tailor the clues to suit your organization, and even adjust the location as needed. To add a personalised touch, you can include video recordings from your boss or colleagues to provide clues!*Please keep in mind that the estimated time is just a guideline. People vary in their puzzle-solving speed, walking pace, and desire to explore leisurely. Play the game at your own pace and enjoy it your way!"
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“My husband and I are adventure seekers crossed with a bit of geekiness. So this was the perfect adventure day out while learning so much about Holland V. It was excellent game play and I would definitely recommend this as a team bonding game, date game or even do one as a family outing! Well done team hidden SG.” – Regina
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2-hour immersive game guided virtually via WhatsApp
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Select Time for 23 Apr 2024
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Meet-up at Holland Village MRT(200 Holland Ave, Holland Avenue, Singapore)
  • 15 mins before selected timeslot
  • Notes: Immersive outdoor game, playable everyday. Start anytime from 9am to 5pm at Holland Village MRT. Play solo or in teams of 2 to 6.
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  • End at Start Point(s)
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09:00AM - 11:00AM
10:00AM - 12:00PM
11:00AM - 01:00PM
12:00PM - 02:00PM
01:00PM - 03:00PM
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  • Child Friendly (Recommended Age: 12+)
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    Cancel 3 days before activity for a full refund
S$ 29.9/person
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Yee Hung and Jun Wei are on a mission to help visitors and locals play and see Singapore with fresh eyes. Their cheeky games transform the city, inviting you to uncover stories, explore overlooked spaces, and feel a deeper connection to the place. It's like having two local friends determined to show you their favourite secret spots.
Experience: 2 years
Speaks: Fluent English
Acceptance rate: 100%
Top Rated Host
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Helpful Questions

What should I pack?
1. Good walking shoes 👟
2. Water 💧
3. Headwear 🧢
4. Sunblock 🧴
5. Rain gear ☔️
6. Money 💰
7. Phone 📱
8. Portable charger (optional) ⚡
What is the advantage of buying 3 tickets, can I buy 2 tickets and 3 of us play ?
Prasanna , 13 Nov 2023
Hello Prasanna, In this game, each participant must bring their own mobile phone.
Hi, we have a group of 7. Was wondering how we will be split up? thank you!
Joan Wong, 24 Oct 2023
Hi Joan, thank you for reaching out. To provide you with a personalized response and address your inquiry regarding the split of your group, kindly email us at This will enable us to gather more specific information from our host and tailor our assistance to your needs. We look forward to helping you with the details and ensuring your group has a great experience. :)
What if we are small group but just have 1 device?
Nadine March, 25 Sep 2023
Hi Nadine, For this activity, each group will need one device. If you've decided to have only one small group, then you can use just one device.
Hello, is this suitable for a birthday for 13 year olds (they would be 5 boys)?
Lyssa, 04 Aug 2023
Hi Lyssa, while 13-year-olds can join the activity, we strongly suggest that adults accompany kids during the activity for safety reasons.
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