2H Intertidal Walk | Discover Coastal Marine Life (Age: 2+)

85 reviews

2H Intertidal Walk | Discover Coastal Marine Life (Age: 2+)

85 reviews
2 hours
2 hours
  • Explore Singapore's biodiverse marine life in hidden intertidal zones
  • Learn from passionate marine guides
  • Perfect for kids & families, and wildlife lovers!
  • Receive a small souvenir at the end of the exploration!
  • Aren’t you curious about how animals adapt to survive the harsh intertidal environment and make the shore their home? Join Young Nautilus for a hands-on learning experience with the rich biodiversity of the intertidal zone! Your little ones will have a whale of a time getting their feet wet and learning fascinating facts about the living things that exist alongside us, like crustaceans and invertebrates.What you'll seeHere you'll get your feet wet and learn about hermit crabs, sea cucumbers, swimmer crabs, sand dollars and many other amazing animals in our own backyard! Explore the adaptation strategies taken by the variety of animals to survive in the habitats.This programme is suitable for children 2 years old and above.The intertidal walk location differs based on your booking date. Please refer to the information below before booking:Changi Beach Sandy Intertidal Walk10th June | 9.30 am23rd June | 7.45 am9th July | 9 am3rd Sept | 6.45 am30th Sept | 5 pmChangi Seagrass Intertidal Walk8th June | 7.45 am8th July | 8.30 amConey Island Intertidal Walk11th June | 10.15amPunggol Promenade Intertidal Walk9th June | 8.30am6th August | 8 amPasir Ris Park Intertidal Walk *24th June | 8.15 am23th July | 7.45 am4th Sept | 7.30 am*Recommended for children aged 5 years and above due to the muddy terrain
    What You’ll be Doing
    Itinerary:Learn how marine animals live in the intertidal environment!
    Show Details
    What’s Included
    Experienced facilitator
    Guided intertidal walk
    Prices in SGD
    Select Time for 22 Sep 2023
    Where We’ll Meet
    Start Point
    Meet-up at Changi/ Punggol/ Pasir Ris (*Depending on your booking date) (Changi Beach Park, Nicoll Drive, Singapore)
    • 15 mins before selected timeslot
    End Point
    • End at Start Point(s)

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    Start & Ends
    Select your preferred date to see timings.
    Cancellation & Other Policies
    • Cancellation
      As Young Nautilus would be holding the slot for you and turning down other potential customers, you won’t be able to cancel after you book.
    • Extenuating Circumstances Policy
      In the event that one or more participants are tested positive (or suspected) for Covid-19, they are required to present a verification from MOH 2 weeks prior to the trip. Customers can choose to reschedule the trip one time only to a later date within 3 months.
    Suitability / Accessibility
    • Child Friendly (Recommended Age: 2+)
    About Your Host
    Young Nautilus
    Founded by educators equipped with degrees in Life Science and Marine Biology, Young Nautilus is an education enrichment partner for schools and families that provide fun and engaging science learning journeys. By fostering a deeper understanding of the world and the dynamic changes that shape it, they enrich what is taught in the MOE syllabus. Most importantly, Young Nautilus' educators are equipped with the pedagogy skills required to inspire participants’ learning through application and critical thinking activities. Together with their patience and enthusiasm in sharing their passion of marine wildlife to the young ones, your kids are sure to learn a lot as they are encouraged to explore and ask away!
    Experience: 8 years
    Speaks: Fluent English
    Acceptance rate: 89%
    Top Rated Host
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    4.985 reviews

    Helpful Questions

    What should I pack?
    Comfy, loose clothing
    Covered shoes and socks
    Mosquito repellent
    Water bottle
    Which terrain is more suitable for 2years old and a 4 year old- looking at maybe 6 aug
    Sarah , 27 Jun 2023
    Hi Sarah, We recommend going for the following walks for the young ones: - Sungei Buloh Mangrove Exploration - Changi Sandy Intertidal Walk - Changi Seagrass Intertidal Walk - Punggol Promenade Pebbly Patrol
    May I know where is the location for 11 June? What happens if it rain?
    ivory, 05 Jun 2023
    Hi Ivory, for 11th June it will be at Coney Island Intertidal Walk. Regarding wet weather policy: We will be monitoring the weather forecast closely prior to the walk. If the weather is not suitable, we will inform our participant of the cancellation of the programme on the morning of the walk itself. In the event it rains heavily (lightning risk) during the programme, we will commence our wet weather programmes such as interaction with live animals* and artefacts (e.g. seahorses, horseshoe crabs) under sheltered pavilions. The walk will continue once the weather clears up, and deemed suitable to continue. Should there be only light showers, we will proceed with wet gears (umbrella and raincoat). *only for intertidal walks Hope that helps :)
    hihi, any possibility to squeeze in 4 pax on 11 June AM please?
    Yvonne, 09 Jun 2022
    Hi Yvonne, I'm afraid that will not be possible
    Hello, I would like to book a slot for 3 adults on 19 feb for the intertidal walk at Changi but I’m not sure what’s the difference between the two walks highlighted besides the pricing. May I know a little more?
    Nora, 13 Jan 2022
    Hi Nora, The difference between Changi beach and Pasir Ris is the location and the marine lives you will find in each location (:
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