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3 Arts x Center Pottery was founded by Joan, a doctor by training. In 2016, she decided to switch her career for a potter after seeing many people around her suffering from mental illnesses. Among her circle of friends, she found many suffering from anxiety and depression due to their work environment and lifestyle. With her healthcare background, Joan went on to seek natural remedies to improve the mental wellness of her friends and discovered pottery making. Upon learning the calming effect that comes with pottery making, she developed a pottery curriculum together with 2 other certified psychologists from Heart to Heart Psychotherapy and SportsPsych Consulting. Today, Joan has successfully integrated mental wellness into her pottery curriculum and want to inspire more students to find their inner peace. With the studio's mission to bring mental wellness to people, the potter teachers reinforce the principles of the 5Cs: Composure, Confidence, Cope-ability, Cohesion and Concentration, and point out reflective moments for students to understand themselves better.
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What others are saying

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