Anjani Trip

Anjani Trip started in 2015 under PT. Karya Anjani Nusantara. They have their own office in front of the airport of Labuan Bajo. This company is run by a married couple. Fun fact, Anjani is the name of the owner who is also an Indonesian TV Movie celebrity!
7 years experience
Basic English
4.3 / 5
14 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.3 out of 14 helpful reviews
The boat, facilities and the food were surprisingly good. The reason I scored only two stars is that they did not communicate at all and I felt a bit mislead. The guides would barely speak to us, we had to figure out what was happening ourselves constantly. Also in terms of program: we were going to do a sunrise trek up the viewpoint at Padar island and even though the weather was excellent (no excuses there) we arrived way too late (7.30, 1 hour after sunrise we still had to start) and together with everyone else making it impossible to have a shot without people in it. I selected this tour in particular for the sunrise trek as others go a bit later, just like we ended up doing. Maybe the crew partying and drinking until well after 10pm had something to do with this. The Komodo dragons we saw on Rinca were right by the cafeteria and did not seem very ‘wild’ at all. We were meant to go for a hike to see them in the wild but our crew suddenly decided to do the short walk even though it had stopped raining. Obviously we ended up not seeing any more dragons, very underwhelming if you come all the way here to see them. It would have been nice if they let us decide who wants to walk a bit further at least. Also we were going to ‘swim with mantas’, which I understand is not always possible as it’s wildlife. However when we got to the manta point, they just cruised right through without stopping. They immediately said there are no mantas, they didn’t even look for them! This was specially annoying since we spoke to a lady on a beach 30 minutes before who said she saw plenty. On the last day we visited Kelor island where we ended up sitting around doing nothing, killing time before going back to Labuan Bajo at noon. If you ask me the three days isn’t necessary, I’d rather do more in two days and arrive back late afternoon/evening. The kitchen crew did their best however and the rooms weren’t bad at all, I would book with them (especially seeing the state of some of the other boats out there) but expect no communication, last minute changes and things not going according to plan. One last thing: when you visit the beaches and when you snorkel, please pick a piece of plastic as well.
Kenny Tieberghien
26 Feb 2020

Very pus trip in Anjani trip, I brought a child with me and stayed patient with the guide ... even though it was because the weather was less supportive so there were some islands that were missed but we all remained satisfied and very memorable Thank you Anjani Trip 💙

12 Feb 2020
Our first experience with Living on Board was impressive with Anjani Trip. The crew are super friendly and helpful, the boat is comfortable and clean, the food is delicious. Our vacation to Labuan Bajo became more impressive, especially since we were treated to an extraordinary view of beauty. And the first experience snorkeling with Manta Ray. I got to cry clay So much so much in awe. We never thought to join an open trip like this, but we are here acquainted with new people, crew and other members of this opentrip. Thank you for this impressive trip and experience and I hope you will see you again 👐 We also thank you for Rhyo. If you can't make us take photos, we don't have any good photos in Labuan Bajo. When you look at the photos, you just think "WHY DO NOT PHOTOS MORE?" Danke yak 😂
Sari S
25 Jan 2020
A pleasant trip with ANJANITRIP. During the 3D2N sailing we were served with extraordinary extraordinary 👍👍 If the food on the ship was very good 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 The ship was also good 👍 The idea was also fun to be joked with, and the guards were also good at photographing usnya usual🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍
12 Jan 2020

Amazing Trip With AnjaniTrip
It was fun trip with anjani, the food was good and enough for everybody, and the guide also give us many information during the trip, and the boat also very good with clean room and toilet. Thank you so much AnjaniTrip :)

12 Jan 2020