Appe Kale

Sri Lanka
Suraj and the rest of the Appe Kale team have been working in the local community to help make harmony between wildlife and the locals. Their projects in the community includes: creating year-round water sources in the dry zone as well as to protect the rivers and lagoon; protecting wildlife against poaching, loss of habitat, pollution, poisoning and illegal fishing practices; and working to stop illegal cutting of the forests, remove invasive plants that threaten forest growth and reforest with native fruiting trees and plants. In addition, this volunteer organisation also trains up locals to become naturalists. The expertise of Suraj and the team will impress you as you will not fail to learn about all the flora and fauna of Wilpattu National Park, not just the famous leopards.
7 years experience
Fluent English
Social Enterprise
5.0 / 5
2 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 2 helpful reviews
Best Safari operator in Sri Lanka, hands down. Trained and experienced conversations who are fluent in English. No Safari is ever guaranteed to see everything, but they know so the tricks (and all the animals!). Suraj explained all the animals and their behavior during, and managed the perfect leopard sighting (again never a guarantee, but these guys know the park better than anyone). Not on trip advisor as they prefer to use a different entrance from the main one, again to get better sightings. Would love the 2nd entrance to be added to trip advisor. They also brought binoculars for us to use which made a huge difference. No other operator we saw brought binoculars. They also had a high quality camera and provide those photos, so we will have spectacular shots despite only bringing our phones. 10/10 would book with again.
Milton Lee
05 Jan 2020
The organisation could not have been better. They introduced me to the huge diversity of wildlife, treated the wildlife/nature which great respect and shared lots of information about the wildlife, the great work that they are doing besides the safari tours (research, working with the government to protect the wildlife, educating locals and much more). Besides a naturalist also a photographer was with us and I received an email with amazing photos of what we have seen during the safari as well as the name of it. Up to today (6 weeks after the safari) I still share and talk about my experience I made and would always book it again.
Annika Ender
28 Oct 2019