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The focus at AquaMarine is to provide both high-quality service and the best possible diving for guests, offering programs to suit each diver’s interests, experience, and preferences. Attention to detail is a hallmark of the AquaMarine experience. Although AquaMarine has grown over the years, this has never been at the expense of personalized service. AquaMarine was founded by Annabel in 1999 and is the only British owner-operated dive center in Bali. Annabel’s concept was to plan dive trips as she would want arrangements made for her were she a diver visiting Bali, and this philosophy of individual attention continues today.
23 years experience
Fluent English
PADI 5 Star Resort, PADI 5 Star Resort, PADI 5 Star Resort
4.9 / 5
145 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.9 out of 145 helpful reviews
I did my first muck dive at Seraya with AquaMarine. My DM was Aan, cool guy, giving me UW photography tips (I am a crappy photographer, and have just upgraded my camera). He's also good at pointing macros, I told him what I want to see and he defo look for it if possible. Booking was a breeze. It was quite rushed, I need to settle my dive schedule since I'm extending my stay from a company outing and had to settle my flight in 15mins. Cerys patiently went through all my queries like a champ. Pick up was on time, I stayed in Seminyak they picked me up at 7AM sharp using an Elf. I know that car can accommodate 15ppl (3 at the front including driver, 12 at the back cs that's how cheap travel agents do it where I came from). At my dive day, it was only 3 of us at the back, DM and driver at the front. I should also mention, the most of the trip, it was ONLY me at the back since the 2 guys I doved with stay 1.5 hr away from Seminyak. Equipment was new since they're rejuvenating it if I'm not mistaken, my fins were like brand new-brand new. On the second dive we had an upwell, thermocline is rising, since this is a muck dive site, "sandstorm" is coming with it too. Pretty bummed that I need to surface after 37mins, but I trust Aan, he puts our safety above all.
NathaniaAJusuf, Indonesia
03 Jun 2020
I took the opportunity to make my Advanced Open Water Course while having vacation in Bali. So let’s start with the problems I had and bring it behind us. The problem was? there was no problem! It was nice, the team so polite, very quick, so precise, well organized and every one involved was a professional. How I found AquaMarinDiving? By comparing google search results, trip adviser comments and PADI Location finder. I contacted AMD-Bali first because they presented and promoted them on the company homepage very convincing. With view words said, “the homepage is well done” Planning via email was cool, “Thank you Miss Cerys”, I loved to communicate with you! Very nice, polite, quick and to the point. The AOWD course it self was awesome. Divemaster Ketut is just the best. He was the center of our attention (of course) and he did an amazing job. Furthermore I have to mention that there was a whole team from AquaMarine involved (driving, boat crew, carry all tanks in and out, food and facility) and they made it all come together neatly. Everything worked like a clockwork. One last personal note at the end, “dear Tiffany from Melbourne, I really appreciated to be your dive buddy during this course” Cheers Silvio!
silvion327, China
02 Jun 2020
The reservation process was excellent, and the dive masters and all of the service and transportation were excellent. Aquamarine organized hotel accomodations and all transportation and dives for 8 days and 18 dives, all around the island of Bali. They organized and took care of our equipment and prepared it for each dive. They arranged their own boats as well as small boats as needed and showed us the best of Bali. Highly recommend!
LoriStArnault, Canada
02 Jun 2020
woot woot! scuba diving is great! Booked with amd online for mola mola special. Didn’t take the hotel package as you have to transfer in advance to secure the booking. Transfers was smooth and efficient and comfortable seating (2-4 hours from denpasar to the boat site depending on traffic and where everyone booked their hotels!) Can have a quick fresh cold fresh water rinse before heading back once off the boat. Huge Huge HUGE thanks to my divemaster Wilan for being so professional. Perfect trim underwater, thorough dive briefings, always ready to assist & wonderful friendly smile. Wet suit ended up being too tight, but Wilan was prepared with another one for the next dive. Another group didn’t have the right size booties, however Wilan was also prepared and could offer them help too!!! ***** Five Star Service! ***** request your professional dive master wooo! ;) Scuba diving was way more fun with a great guide. Lunch was on the boat with 3 consecutive dives in nusa penida. I appreciated that they use reusable plastic containers for the lunches! good to save our ocean from plastic waste!
karahsong, Hong Kong, China
15 May 2020
We did the introduction to diving course and our experience was excellent. The service from the time of the booking to the day of the dives was nothing but polite and professional. We couldn’t dive at Tumbalen so had to settle for Blue Lagoon which was still an incredible experience. Got to see nemo, sea snake, star fish and sea turtles. Highly recommend these guys!
Pankaj Kini
07 Apr 2020