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Oksana’s personal journey with health challenges led her to immerse and practice nutrition with living foods and energy healing. With numerous yoga training’s and certifications she now primarily teachers and practices Yoga Synergy. From Australia, she has spent extended time in Bali teaching yoga at Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio and on numerous retreats. She also assisted the Bali Global Foundation by creating the volunteer yoga program for underprivileged local students.
9 years experience
Fluent English
4.9 / 5
19 reviews

All Adventures

All Adventures

4.9 (19)
4 Days Raw Food Retreat
Private Up to 10 persons No Min. Age
4.9 (19)
7 Days Raw Food Retreat
Private Up to 10 persons No Min. Age

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.9 out of 19 helpful reviews
Book it - book it now! Life changing and utterly inspiring - this was a priceless experience for me. I was drawn to this retreat after looking at so many and I’m so glad I did and can’t wait to book my next juice cleanse with Oksana, who I now have a friend for life and am so very grateful. She is so warm kind and a wealth of knowledge - I learnt so much in my time spent with this incredible person. Good food, great company, a schedule tailored to you everyday was so exciting and something different. Yoga with no to do lists - what are you waiting for?! I won’t give too much away just go in with an open mind and immerse yourself in the culture. I was a little nervous but This retreat was better than I imagined, truly above all expectations. Coming home with motivation, drive for life and only positivity after such a positive experience I honestly couldn’t put a price on the time I had and I will be back next year. I went out and purchased a cold pressed juicer to keep on the healthy train and have been vegan ever since. Until we meet again, I look forward to it.
08 Sep 2019
A five-day guided tour of all things healthy. The retreat has allowed me to experience in a week, what I couldn’t have achieved in a month on my own. Michael and Oksana tailored the retreat to suit my objectives while also getting me outside of my comfort zone. I now feel I have the base knowledge to not only live a healthier lifestyle but find real purpose. Thank you Michael and Oksana!
pollyw360, Australia
05 Feb 2019
Oksana structured a retreat that made me fall in love with yoga, Bali and healthy living. We practiced yoga at different yoga studios in Ubud. New yoga styles were introduced to my practice. This retreat provided the perfect balance between tourist activities and experiencing Bali like a local. The accommodation was lovely and perfectly situated. This was a life changing experience, I would highly recommend this retreat.
05 Nov 2018
Oksana the guide, and now my friend is a powerful, free spirit who knows what she wants and how to get it! I think she is truly an amazing person! Her husband Michael is amazing as well! They were both great people to spend time with throughout Ubud! The yoga studios that Oksana took me to are the most beautiful studios I have been to! The classes were by far the best classes I have ever been to to practice yoga! Eating true raw vegan food for more then one meal was life changing for me because I have had a resistance to the vegan lifestyle because of what our social media and society tell us! I am now working on eating and making more raw vegan food regualry because I have never felt better in my life all around while eating a mostly raw vegan diet! The exploration around ubud with Oksana and some outtings with her husband Michael were magical especially going to different restaurants, ecstatic dance at yoga barn, and spas such as the Dragonfly village, and Cantiki! All and all I would recommend this retreat because Oksana and Michael will show you places that you most likely wouldn't find on your own and you make beautiful friendship with amazing people including yourself!
Cayley C, California
27 Sep 2018

One of the best times of my life. Oksana is incredible. I'm forever changed in a small way and will never forget Oksana.

Luvan Markandan
08 Apr 2018