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Ali, who was born and raised in Medewi is very knowledgeable about surfing technique and has an excellent understanding of the breaks in Medewi. You might double your wave counts surfing out with him!
7 years experience
Fluent English, Bahasa
5.0 / 5
31 reviews

All Adventures

All Adventures

5.0 (31)
Surf Guiding
Private 1 - 10 persons No Min. Age
5.0 (31)
Group Lesson
Join-in Up to 15 persons No Min. Age

What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 31 helpful reviews
My girlfriend and I (Beginner/Intermediate) decided to book 3 surf lessons with Ali. While I ended up being instructed mainly by a super kind friend of his (which made sense due our slight difference in ability/paddling power/board length, volume etc., but was slightly disappointing nonetheless), Ali made sure my girlfriend felt safe and comfortable in the water by choosing the right wave sections for her. What made Ali stand out from the majority of surf instructors we met throughout Bali and Lombok, is that he actually analysed and explained the little details that visibly helped us both improve our surfing in a short period of time. If you're really interested in learning and improving your surfing technique instead of a mere push-in-the-wave, we can highly recommend Ali! P.S. Thanks, Ali and Suk - we had an overall great experience and hope to meet again!
Ventsislav Stoev
01 Feb 2020
Had an early morning guide session with Ali at the point which was great. As an intermediate surfer Ali did not push me into waves as many of the local guides do but focused on helping me sit in the right place in the line up and picking out the right waves. He provided some solid tips on improving my paddling and on wave technique. Ali has an infectious laugh and very cheeky smile, as great to see him pull into a few barrels during our session. I would recommend a guide session with him regardless of your experience ! Thanks again!
Jared Brown
01 Feb 2020
Best surf coach in Medewi. Excellent English and super friendly/patient. Can def. tell that he's worked at surf camps for years and knows how to coach/give confidence in the water and explain surf spots/positioning etc in detail. If you are looking for a coach who will not just push you in the wave and instead teach you so much more go with Ali!
schnix schneider
01 Aug 2019
Ali was the best surf guide! He's easy going and pretty chill, gave great advice to help improve my surfing and will go above and beyond to hunt down the best waves for you. I was super stoked to score some epic waves at the point, you can see he really cares about your experience and your safety. He's very welcoming and showed me all around Medewi with his beautiful little family. Cheers for a fun and relaxing stay!
Michelle Campbell
01 Aug 2019

Great teacher and even better human. Thanks Ali for all your help, super pumped to keep surfing. Highly recommend!!

Kyle Reidhead
01 Jul 2019