Ayung Dewata Rafting

Ayung Dewata Rafting is a rafting company offering reasonable prices based in Bali using equipment that is approved by international standards. Grab your oars and get ready to rage with this exhilarating rafting adventure on the spectacular Ayung River!
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4.7 / 5
40 reviews

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All Adventures

4.7 (40)
Ayung River Rafting
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What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.7 out of 40 helpful reviews
Overall good rafting. Water is around level 3. Enjoyed the lush landscape, shower in the waterfalls on the way, kind staff always funny, with jokes. Good equipment. We had a short ride by an open truck, and a long walk walk down between rice paddies and lots of steps down to the river. Many steps to climb up, also. All under the sun. You need to have a great fit! Bring water with you, or its for sale double at the stop on the river. Lunch after was tasteful and clean. Toilets & showers large &clean, but few more hooks are needed.
Radu B, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
05 Feb 2020
A really fun rafting trip! Very gentle and Wayan was a fun guide. The walk down to the river is long(350 steps). i consider myself in good shape but by the time I got to the river, my legs were rubber!!! The walk up is not as difficult, but my husband had a tough time as had a knee replacement 5 months prior. Sweet Wayan and another guide walked on each side of my husband and helped him all the way back to the top...they were rock stars!!! Thanks for a fun day!!!
svh50, San Antonio, Texas
31 Jan 2020

Perfect well organized rafting trip. Precise pick up service, smooth operation. The river is beautiful and it’s a lot of fun to raft on it. We enjoyed the tour very much!

akos1848, Hungary
24 Jan 2020
I am so pleased that our driver organised this trip, had I known at the beginning about the stairs from hell to walk up at the end I would have said no way. I am fit and excercise five times a week, but blow me down I have short legs! There was a walk down to the river, steep at times but you have your oar to help as the carved steps are uneven. The rafting was amazing and our guide was funny and we got to do a few extra things as only the three of us in the boat. You stop about 2/3rds through for a beer, juice or whatever then in arrive at the river base. To my shock horror, after walking up the initial steps we came to a field and we were looking up at a cliff face with a winding track and steps to get to the top. EEK! All would be fine if I had long legs, but these steps are high, so forever struggling to put one foot up in front of the other. I have no idea how some of the older over 60's people got up at all. So think twice people, amazing experience, we got a good deal through our driver, but you need to be fit, and if you have kids, even fitter as you may need to carry them up.
Karla F, Surfers Paradise, Australia
23 Jan 2020
We were have a lot of fun with Ayung Dewata Rafting, especially with Pak Ketut, our boat guard. The river not to hard but we were enjoy the session till finished. Just do comunication with the board guard, they will showing to you a lot of interest place and beautifull wall carvings during the adventures. Do not forget brings your camera with water protection and safety hanging for that. They provide free towel for shower, simple lunch and your documentation with add cost. we will back for another funs...thank you Ayung Dewata Rafting..!!
madewidiatmoko, North Kuta, Indonesia
05 Oct 2019