Bali Agritour

Pak Gede and his wife have been working to create a sustainable farming business model for the Bali Farmers Community by creating a unique tour in the rural farming area of the island. They believe that by joining one of their experiences you are directly helping the sustainability of Bali's environment and supporting small traditional farmers. It's a great cultural and natural exchange giving travellers an insider view of Bali of a more human perspective.
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4.7 / 5
6 reviews

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What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.7 out of 6 helpful reviews

Unique traditional farming and cooking

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05 Aug 2022
Bali Agritours is an experience like no other. I visited with my wife and three young kids (3, 9 and 10). It was an amazing day that had something for everyone. The kids loved walking through the rice paddies, fishing and making and eating sate chicken for lunch. Drinking fresh coconut water right off the tree was a nice treat as well. More importantly, they learned about how food ends up on the table - the fish they caught was eaten for lunch. My wife and I loved the cooking (e.g. banana root soup) in addition to actually planting rice seedlings and spending time with some of the locals. In particular, Gede runs the place and was an amazing host. He and his staff were so welcoming and made us feel like family. If you are looking in addition to the monkeys, beaches and temples, Bali Agritours is authentic farm to table experience and so much more. Highly recommend!
Ted C
11 Aug 2019
Great day with genuine local people We were looking for something a bit different and away from the general tourist attractions and found this gem. We were not disappointed. Gede and his wife met us at our villa, in Sukawati with no additional cost. Most organisations did not want to pick up from where we were staying as it was a bit out of the way. We had a good trip to the farm and enjoyed the experience with all that it involved. It was a chance to get up close and personal with the traditional farming life. Don't expect to keep clean as you need to get involved and muddy in the rice paddies, walking through the fields and picking fresh salad vegies as well as many herbs. Learn about their uses and how they are grown. seeing how food is prepared in the traditional way on the outdoor fires was a treat, and sitting and roasting our coffee gave a different appreciation for the flavours. From helping make the satay, catching the fish, collecting the greens, grinding the herbs and spices and planting rice it was a fun interactive experience. It would certainly be something special for families to do together. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and the conversation.
03 Jun 2019
Must Try Local Balinese Activity! Friends If you are tired or bored of those temple hoping, island hoping and etc, why not try to be like a Balinese who lives by the nice and soothing paddy field? Bali Agritours is one of the hidden gems where you can experience to be a local who lives by harvesting the rice field for life. Not only this, they also provide fishing experience and harvesting of naturally self sown herbs and vegetables. The Bali Agritour is a collaboration of two local senior citizen who are very knowledgeable and experienced in the activity the provided. You may even cook from the harvested vegetable and fish you get from the pond! Do try the Satay Ikan and other delicacies. You may even ask for some fresh blended fruit juice, roselle and coffees! Highly recommended for family and Friends who opt for a true village life activity.
Jackie Foo
30 Apr 2019

We had a great day. Great surroundings, great team, great food and generally a lot of fun! Thank you Gede and team for this lovely experience!

Bibie Jans
25 Apr 2019