Bali Goody Gede Tours Drivers
63 reviews
Experience: 11 years
Speaks: Fluent English
About Your Host
Bali Goody Gede Tours Drivers is headed by an experienced local driver-guide Goody Gede, who constantly receives rave reviews for his excellent service on sites like TripAdvisor. As his services became more popular, the family-run business expanded and moved away from just personal tours. Need suggestions for your itinerary? Have no idea where to start? You can count on Goody to deliver and make your time on the island worthwhile. Goody prioritises the satisfaction of the travellers in his care and has stayed true to this motto in his many years of running this service. Bali Goody Gede Tours Drivers hopes to create a warm experience for their guests and continues to run its services in a trustworthy and honest way so you can make the most out of your trip!
What Customers Say
63 reviews