Bali Sobek

Bali Sobek is the first professional Adventure Company in Bali, Indonesia. Established in 1989, they have 26 years of experience with zero operation accidents, setting the highest international standards in the rafting industry. Sobek's guides are professionally trained in safety, first aid, rescue and customer service. They undertake foreign-language training courses in a number of major languages to ensure guests from all corners of the world are not only comfortable but also are given in-depth safety briefings before embarking their tours. Sobek has been home to over 300 employees and many of them have worked for them for over 20 years. Considering that a river guide needs at least 10 years of experience and continuous training on the river to become great in his field, they are proud to have the oldest guides on the river. They do not use untrained freelance river guides and the safety of their clients is their top priority.
34 years experience
Fluent English
4.6 / 5
28 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.6 out of 28 helpful reviews

The guides were very good and funny! I did rafting and mountain biking with them and now a week later I want to do it again with Sobek!

Jorrit Terpstra
11 Feb 2020
We took the Ayang water rafting. If you are paying by card they will give you a high exchange rate (fixed rate for every week!) and for sure you will find a much better rate outside. Second, they will add 2% from the total cost as they call it(credit card fee!!). We booked for 79$ each person (lunch included). I don't recommend the lunch at all :( Too many stairs about 500 downwards just to reach the starting point and the same when you are done rafting too much stairs to go up. I didn't mind it however one might find it uncomfortable. While rafting in the river we saw many companies they are all the same. Same boats and same safety gear. Next day we went downtown Ubud and asked about rafting tour cost it was much more cheaper and the same distant and everything. We found it for 20 $ each including pick up and drop off!! So choose wisely and ask, search, there are at least 7 companies that do rafting and you can negotiate your price easily. Always have cash for such activities. About the rafting itself, it was FUN we loved it :) and our guide was nice. If you don't have younger children go for the class iii directly class and ii is too is fun also ;)
03 Dec 2019
Just did a white water rafting activity booked with the firm Sobek which were excellent. The rafting was on the Telaga Waja river with grade 3 rapids over 15km and lasted 2 hours. We were greeted by friendly staff on arrival and after debit card payment and a safety briefing were kitted our and our Captain Katut gave us the necessary instructions and off we set. He was excellent and made sure we had a safe journey down the river and a very fun time. The rafting included a mid way break at a waterfall with photo opportunities. At the end of the rafting there is a steep climb of around 100 steps (much less than other rafting companies) to the lunch area where there are towels provided and a tasty lunch awaited us
Sam_Firoozi, London, United Kingdom
13 Aug 2019
My first white water rafting experience! Really enjoyed the time with Bali Sobek. Driver picking us up at hotel came on time. Very friendly and easy to talk to. Picked up two more people on the way to the Sobek starting point. Arrived, signed waivers and then given instructions on a laminated sheet on how to white water rafting. This is pretty much the only instruction you’ll get so read the paper! Was a little nervous b/c I don’t swim well and everyone in our raft were first timers! Onto the equipment area where we donned our helmets, life jackets and received paddles. Trek down what felt like a hundred steps to the river and then our three groups got into our individual rafts. I chose the second row so I could wedge my foot under the front seat to ensure I stay in the boat. Down the river we went with gentle rapids. Within 2 mins in the boat, we hit a rock backwards pretty hard and the two girls in front of me fell backwards. I grabbed one but the other one went overboard! The guide reached in and pulled her back up immediately but we spent the next 5 mins chasing her paddle and her flip flop down the river! After the initial scare, we started to get the hang of things. Rapids were pretty calm, other than a few times we got a full body soaking as we hit a few dips. I think the guide also deliberately kept our ride pretty calm as the girl who fell out was still a bit shaken. (the guide in the other raft was deliberately bumping rocks for extra excitement!) One hour in, you get a 15 min break at a food stall downstream where some folks grabbed a beer. Getting out of the boat meant feet on some sharp rocks. The other girl lost her flip flop and a group downstream had to retrieve it. Saw some beautiful wall carvings near a hotel and some really pretty waterfalls. The surroundings felt surreal, like we were in a theme park or a movie set! Other than the mishap at the start, an overall fun experience for a novice! Tips: sit in second row to get footing and wear water shoes/sandals (so they don’t float away when you walk/fall into the water)
30 Apr 2019
It was a pleasant trip, very professional staff and well maintained facilities. Our guide, spider, was attentive in giving clear guidance. The trip was fun and relaxing, amazing view along the river with green scenery and beautiful peek to riverfront resorts, which can't get access unless going down the cliff with 509 steps. The bathroom is comfortable for showering and things and buffet dining was good, offering local delicacy. What a great experience!
ananta_sutopo, Bali, Indonesia
19 Jan 2019