Balitrees Retreats was founded in the countryside to provide a sanctuary for people to practice ancient Balinese yoga techniques. This is a collaboration between the local vilagers, Ashram and yoga institutions. Rest assured that you'll find a home in the local community here. 
5 years experience
Fluent English
4.9 / 5
54 reviews

All Adventures

All Adventures

4.9 (54)
3-Day Yoga Retreat
Join-in Up to 10 persons No Min. Age
4.9 (54)
8-Day Yoga Watukara Teacher Training
Join-in Up to 10 persons No Min. Age

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.9 out of 54 helpful reviews
Ahh, there is so many amazing things to say about Bali Trees but I will try to sum it up to be short and sweet... The scenery is so beautiful and lush, the home cooked meals are full of flavor, the staff and home stay host at Bali Red Roses goes above and beyond to make sure your holiday is perfect. The yoga is so spiritual that it really helps to realign your body and soul. There are so many wonderful cultural activities that it's hard to pick a favorite but mine would have to be the beautiful waterfall - where I seen rainbows across the rocks. the swing - where I felt on top of the world. Seeing the healer who was so intune with my body and the shaman who touched my soul. And the sunrises are breathtaking, the perfect way to start your day. Whether you are doing a short stay or escaping for a few weeks this is the perfect place to decompress, learn about their culture and make new friends. This was the perfect place to celebrate my birthday and first solo trip , they make you feel right at home. I highly recommend that you forget your watch and make Bali trees apart of your next adventure . Suksma suksma suksma
23 Mar 2020
Balitrees is wonderful! You get to learn and practice traditional Balinese yoga in a beautiful setting with wonderful and supporting people. The food is delicious and the accommodations are nice. The two daily activities are set up with people from the village, so this is more than a yoga retreat, it is a cultural exchange. The scenery, people, and experience were beautiful in many ways.
Annie A
23 Mar 2020
I can’t say enough about how much we appreciated our time at Balitrees. From the delicious home-cooked meals, the inspiring daily yoga practices, getting to know the village, the fellowship, and the daily learning experiences, I am so grateful to have felt a part of the Balitrees family for a few days. A beautiful experience. Suksma!
09 Mar 2020
I almost don’t want to tell you about how perfect this place is in the hopes that the magic I’ve felt doesn’t disappear, but I know Dewi and the team at BaliTrees won’t let it fade. Truly a glimpse into paradise, this retreat exceeded all of my expectations. Between teaching mindful, ancient yoga traditions with clear explanation, working alongside villagers, visits to temples and local hideaways, and a loving and encouraging environment, I was able to learn more about myself in five nights than I ever dreamed I could. The affordability of the experience can’t be beat; you’d anticipate paying an arm and a leg for an experience like this, but because everything is so reasonably priced, you allow yourself to really sink into relaxation and indulgence. Because of the distance, I assumed that this would be my first and only time in Bali—even before I left, I knew that I’d be back to BaliTrees. It’s almost too perfect... but it’s got just the right balance of bliss. Book it now. Om Swastiastu!
05 Mar 2020
I stayed in Balitrees for 5 days and 4 nights and I could say that the place was great. They have the friendliest and accommodating staff, has a great rice field view, in a safe village and never fails you to achieve the most relaxing experience through their yoga and meditation. You’ll also get to experience different village activities according to your preference. Highly recommended to people who are looking best ways to relax, self-reflect and disconnect.
geliq, Singapore
29 Feb 2020