Baruna Surf Culture

This is a small family-owned surf school in Canggu, one of the hippest surf holiday destination of Bali. Adi and his team will bring you to less crowded, chilled-out surf spots and you will get to enjoy a spectacular view of serene coastline and volcanoes while surfing.
12 years experience
Basic English
5.0 / 5
60 reviews

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All Adventures

5.0 (60)
Private Surfing Lesson
Private Up to 6 persons No Min. Age

What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 60 helpful reviews
We decided to go to baruna surf to know more about the waves and the good spot to surf around the island. The staff were really helpful. They provided transportation and rental so you do not have to worry about this stuff. I would definitely recommend Baruna surf to anyone, from beginner to intermediate. They have knowledge on where to surf and they give good advise. In the water, there is always many instructors who are there to help you. The staff is friendly and they listen to our needs.
09 Jul 2020
If you’ve landed on this page for surfing lessons look no further. The Baruna fam are the absolute best if you’re looking to upskill and have a great time. They are attentive and attune to pushing you, thoroughly guiding you to get on that board and get better every time - all of this while ensuring you feel safe. To top it off, had a great vibe the entire time I was with. Shoutout to Rudy, Adi and the rest of the boys for running a ripper of a surf school. Keep it up Date of experience: January 2020
25 Jan 2020

Great experience! Great staff! Had an amazing time and caught some great waves!
Highly recommend

Been to other surf lessons and this is by far the best

24 Jan 2020
I had a lot of fun surfing with instructors from Baruna, and after 5 days I feel a lot more confident to surf and can't wait to come back for more! The instructors at Baruna are very friendly and everything is well-coordinated, simple and on time. We went to a smaller beach with not as many people and the instructor to student ratio is always kept low so you won't be waiting too long for your turn. But of course eventually you need to learn how to catch your own waves. Highly recommended, and would definitely come back :)
pookzzz, Singapore
03 Jan 2020
I was in Canggu for 4 days with two friends of mine and we booked a 3 day surf course with them. It was ideal! They picked us up and brought us to a beach a bit north of Canggu where it was way less crowded and the waves were great for beginners. The first day they still gave us a little push to help us catch the wave. That way i was able to stand up from the very first try. As soon as you felt ready they would just give you a shout when yo paddle faster and when to stand up. We all improved and had a lot of fun with the guides. They dropped us off again around noon and we enjoyed exploring the town the test of the day. Thanks again!!!
23 Dec 2019