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Pioneering the mycological scene in Singapore since 2020, Bewilder SG goes beyond mushroom cultivation and production. "Waste to taste" as quoted from Kimberly Wee, Bewilder runs initiatives that helps daily consumer repurpose their waste into edible gourmet mushrooms. Supplying to many prestigious restaurants in Singapore, they are an instrumental partner to award-winning chefs that are constantly seeking for a competitive edge in their ingredients. Furthermore, their creative workshops are designed to fuel the innate artistic fiber we have in all of us. The experiences provided by Bewilder will surely satisfy the inner curiosity we have for biology and creativity. "We are all interconnected." quoted from Kiat, the founder of Bewilder. Neither scientists or artists, they seek to bridge the two worlds just as much as mushroom has always been known to be the bridge between life and death. Constantly blazing trails, Bewilder is also experimenting with mycomaterials – such as low-waste, cruelty-free mycoleather and styrofoam alternatives for packaging purposes – as well as mycoprotein. “We’ve developed a strain of mushroom grown on okara, so it looks a little like tempeh, but the taste and texture are closer to foie gras.”
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