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Blue Flame Tour is company run by a young team of professional guides based in Banyuwangi. Johanes Tony owns and runs the company with a team of ten, all with excellent English skills.
13 years experience
Fluent English
4.8 / 5
31 reviews

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What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.8 out of 31 helpful reviews
Mathieu Lafon
29 Feb 2020
Our tour guide Arif was amazing. He was funny and kept the whole tour interesting. He went into the sulphur smoke to get good pictures for me asking me to stay back. The driver Hendrik went out of his way to drop us to the harbour and making sure everything was smooth. Highly recommended!!
21 Dec 2019
Despite the fact that I had accidentally booked this trip in February... Yohanes and his team Kiki and ex-miner Yono accommodated our last minute schedule change. Two of us went on this trip, we were met at the ferry by Kiki who greeted with a smile and a cake. We then driven on good roads in an air conditioned car to the bottom of the trek. There we were greeted by Yono an ex-sulphur miner who then led us on the track up the volcano. We were both given torches and gas masks. The trek requires a little bit of effort and a modest degree of fitness. After a few kms you then descend into the caldera. It’s difficult to appreciate this as the trek is carried out in the dark so that you can appreciate the blue flame at night. When dawn eventually breaks you realise that truly you are in the crater of a volcano... which is quite something! We then had the opportunity to have a wash in a secluded and deserted waterfall... which is a must... you will stink of sulphur! All in all an experience worth doing. If you decide to do the tour from Bali, I would recommend making sure you’ve recovered from your flights as the Bali to Ijen tour involves a 4 hour taxi drive if you are staying in Denpasar to the port. We were both shattered and required a day to recover! We are very grateful to how well Blueflame Tours looked after us and cannot thank Yono, Kiki and Yohanes enough for being so helpful, professional and accommodating.
caledane, United Kingdom
19 Dec 2019
We did a night-hike to Ijen crater. Our driver Mr. Hendrik was friendly. Our guide Arif is a young man who used to be a sulfur miner at Ijen so he was knowledgeable of not only the terrain but the life of the local miners who carries 70 kilos of sulfur out on their shoulder til this day. He helped us to pay proper respect to the miners who tend to get disrespected and shoved around by the tourists all day. He spoke English well. He also helped us take good pictures of the blue flames even under strong sulfur fumes. They are very good people. I highly recommend.
aikot892, United States
08 Dec 2019
Excellent service. Great tour guides. We even treated one of the guide like our adopted old child (kiki). Tour guide was patient with me while hiking mt ijen as it was very steep. 10secs Stops was made every 10 to 15 mins. Showed great concern on me especially when it was windy. ..sandy. ..dusty. breathing was getting harder. In the end it was worth everything. Amazing service. ..we were well looked after. Thank you Ijen Blueflame
Jumbo A
02 Dec 2019