Sri Lanka
Borderlands are experts in expeditions, and have had vast experience hosting international film crews. Having gotten their start in Nepal, they take adventure in complicated places seriously. Borderlands are one of the most ethical local operators in the area, and take care to respect the welfare of the whales. They will do their best to ensure you have an unforgettable ocean safari.
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All Adventures

5.0 (5)
Private whale watching
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What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 5 helpful reviews
A friend and I traveled to Sri Lanka for 5 days of adventure and got more than we expected. Borderlands offered numerous options for our "extreme adventures" appetite- whitewater rafting, repelling down waterfalls, canyoning, sea kayaking and so much more. We even got to see an elephant crossing the river during our kayaking trip. The location on the river is quiet and peaceful. We were especially surprised by the fabulous food - you'll need plenty of it if you expect to have enough energy to keep up with the fun staff. The staff is super friendly, helpful and safe. You can have fun but they take your safety quite seriously. We also went on their whale watching trip. You can't beat a smaller boat that gets you closer to the action. I can't wait to visit their hotel in Nepal. I refer all of my friends to Borderlands as it was truly one of the best holidays yet. I don't like to go many places twice, but I'd definitely go back here!
Faith C, Singapore
29 Nov 2019
When we were planning our trip to Sri Lanka we came across Borderlands and knew that it was a 'must' for our trip. This was the first place that we stayed and we went straight from the airport to there. It was a brilliant place to unwind and slow down into holiday pace. We stayed there 3 nights, we chilled out on the first day, did rafting and canyoning on the 2nd day and then did a guided bike ride on the 3rd day. We had such a good time and the activities were definitely highlights of our trip. We paid extra to have an en-suite which we were pleased with and the cabin we stayed in was amazing-rustic and with one wall open to the river but still with complete privacy. We ended up booking a private whale watching boat trip with Borderlands which we would never have thought to do if we hadn't stayed with them. Needless to say this was brilliant as well. We loved our stay. Thank you to all the staff.
Ruth F
30 Jan 2017
We booked rafting/canyoning and whale wathing with Borderlands and had a wonderful expereince with them even despite low river water level during our trip. Guides are easy-going and professional, equipment in good condition, food delicios. I am glad to recommend Borderlands and look forward to new adventures with them both in Sri Lanka and Nepal. Good luck to you guys!
1_Puteshestvennik, Russia
30 May 2014
We stayed here with our 2 boys (aged 10 & 12) for one night and I was in 2 minds whether or not to book this adventure due to the fairly high costs. However, we were all not disappointed. The location is truly outstanding, overlooking the river, we saw a large water monitor and (not so easy to stomach) a huge Huntsman spider on the outside of our tent. I thought we would get eaten alive by mosquitos but despite the close proximity to the water that was not the case. We arrived by midday to have a delicious lunch (the mildest Sri Lankan Food I have eaten and as we are not good with hot spicy foods, it was also the most delicious) before getting changed to do the rafting/canyoning. We were then driven 7 km upriver, got a short but fun briefing before we all paddled like hell down the rapids. It was exhilarating despite the low water and a great experience. The staff are all extremely well trained and ensure that it's fun from start to finish! You then stop about 2/3rds of the way to walk uphill into the canyon part. When we got to the top we saw a 1.5m snake just perching perfectly on the waters' edge, before we jumped into a small but deep pool. Both kids and adults loved it alike. My boys went first on everything and even did a back-flip into the water from some of the higher points. You slide your way down the well worn rocks and the highest jump is probably 12-15 ft which was a challenge! The canyoning was our favourite activity, exhilarating, breath-taking and a laugh a minute! I would highly recommend it to anyone regardless of age. We then got back into the boats and paddled our way down some more rapids. At the end, we threw each other into the river and I had a nice swim back to Borderlands. In the evenings, they showed a kids film due to many families and it was just relaxing, sitting in the longhouse on cushions and having free wifi. Breakfast was a little bit on the light side, I didn't get any boiled eggs as they had all gone though I'm sure if I had asked they would have made some more. All in all a truly memorable stay! My only slight issue is that it was by far the most expensive night we have paid for in Sri Lanka and that includes our stay in the 5 Star Taj Samudra in Colombo (much less fun though). Yet, I would still not hesitate to come here again and maybe save up for an additional night as the setting is truly beautiful and the staff are really fun to be around and clearly enjoy their work. We also went Whale-watching with Borderlands on a private boat from Merissa but I will leave a separate review for this. Well done guys, keep up the good work!
groovybaby1, United Kingdom
30 Jan 2014
My boyfriend and I spent three nights at Borderlands during our trip around Sri Lanka and our stay with Borderlands was definitely the highlight. The location is just stunning- back in the UK I close my eyes and dream of waking up to the sound of the river and looking out at the beautiful view from our tent. On our first day we abseiled down a beautiful waterfall- it was just amazing! I'm not a great one for heights but with Ollie and Kandy guiding us down I felt totally safe and loved every minute! We also enjoyed kayaking, white water rafting and canyoning- we had a great time on all of the activities and we would definitely would recommend them all. The food served at the camp was great- just what you need after a long day of activities and the communal bar area is a lovely place to relax and enjoy a beer. Many things make Borderlands special but for us it was the guys at the camp who made the experience so fantastic- Roshan, Ollie, Chris, Kandy, Akila and all the staff are genuinely lovely guys who strive to make sure you have the best experience whilst being equipped with the knowledge to keep you safe at all times which is something you shouldn't take lightly in Sri Lanka- during our time at the coast we sadly saw the consequences of paying a cheap scuba diving company where staff didn't even have basic first aid training and it cost a man his life; so my advice- you get what you pay for- pay a bit more and go with a reputable company who will really look after you. It's also worth noting that Borderlands have a boat in Weligama where they offer whale watching tours- Roshan and Gwen organised this for us whilst we were at Borderlands and we fitted it in whilst we were at the coast. The boat was gorgeous- our very own private speed boat and lovely crew- we whizzed past the big, slow boats which were crammed with tourists (it took us 20 minutes to get to the whale watching area as opposed to the 2.5 hours on the other boats) and we had a great view of the whales, it was a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend it! We already wish we were back at Borderlands and are definitely planning a return visit!!
Michaela T, United Kingdom
30 Dec 2013