Bricolage Homestay

Owner TJ, retired executive chef and owner of Bricolage is armed with 30 years of experience working in 5-star hotels and food production institutions in the SEA region. He wishes to serve you delicious premium organic meals and wine. Be prepared to be charmed with his wide variety of delectable dishes. You will enjoy the best of both worlds - Western and French cuisine combined with an Alfresco outdoor dining experience. Bricolage is living evidence of TJ's great passion - not just in his food, but in nature as well. The walls are personally decorated with re-usable materials to create the cosy walls of a hideout from city life.
6 years experience
Fluent English, Chinese
4.9 / 5
26 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.9 out of 26 helpful reviews

Very nice surrounding. Good getaway for some peace. Owner very friendly and helpful

05 Aug 2020

Pretty cool place based on the concept, be prepared to rough it out a certain level. Food is tops. We went there specificically to eat.

Chun Beng Teoh
26 Jul 2020
“Love is a many splendored thing”, so says owner and our new found friend, TJ. Indeed, if the short weekend is anything to go by, I want more of this many splendored thing. If rustic living, slow barbecued food (prepared no less by a retired executive chef), and plenty of chatter (under the influence) with the owner is your kind of thing, then contact TJ. I’ll just post some crucial details: 1. On parking. As his abode is located 10 minutes away on 4x4, you park your vehicle in front of a Tamil school. Don’t bring your fancy vehicles. If you’re risk averse like me, speak with friendly TJ and he’ll give you options. 2. Rooms are simple yet comfortable. Bed fits a 180cm tall individual comfortably, or 2 smaller individuals. Fan is provided but it’s so cold in this lush highland forest that I didn’t see a need at night. 3. Do consider dining options with TJ. I enjoyed our BBQ dinner. You start of with skewered squid, Braised Chicken Wings, Fuyu Pork ribs (my favorite), Chef style Otak Otak (TJ’s hometown, Muar) with chunky pieces of fish complemented well with home made Sambal, roasted stuffed eggplant, baked potato with pesto sauce, and finished with BBQ corns. Anyone could make fuyu pork ribs but a good chef who controls his fire well is hard to find.
John Lee
21 Jul 2020

Great host and food in a farm set up. Truly amazing how TJ builds up everything from scratch and continue to add on more things into the farm. If you enjoy nature and great food, this is the place to be. Will return again for the BBQ

Choo Sung Tai
16 Jul 2020
I first started discovering this place through my Bachelor’s Degree Gastronomic Tourism assignment and it was indeed the right pick! Chef TJ was an experienced chef who cooked superb and unique food. Till today I still had his food craving and had been recommending family and friends over. Went there for the fourth times already and still thinking when will be my next visit again. Anyway, the place is nice for those who wants to escape from the city and engaged in nature and food! Chef TJ and wife were definitely an animal lover too. Therefore, you will have the chance to listen to their adoption stories while giving a pat on doggies. Chef TJ will also bring you over to a hidden waterfall spot located close to his vicinity. Highly recommend this hidden gem to food, nature and animal lover!
Adeline Lee
08 Dec 2019