Canyoning Bali

Canyoning Bali is a high-performance company in the field of canyoning trips and adventures. The company has been established by a group of people with relevant experiences and practical competencies in the various fields - qualitative canyoning trips to adventures.
4 years experience
Basic English, Bahasa
5.0 / 5
28 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 28 helpful reviews
We were a bit skeptical at first as two of us doesnÍt swim but glad we went ahead and booked it. We had such a great experience that I would recommend for everyone. The guides were super friendly and really patient. Just follow their instructions you will be fine. 10/10 would try it again
Kavinraj Thangaraj
07 Sep 2022
First of all, it's great. The staff are so friendly and the food is delicious and guides you safely. Depart from Ubot at 7:20 and arrive around 9:00 in the morning, and explain how to use safety-related equipment well. It was a 3-4 hour course. I only took one battery with my GoPro, so I couldn't capture the full view. But don't worry. The guide staff here will take pictures and videos. You can also bring a USB and put it on your own. Meals and pick-up. until exciting. I had such a great time. thank you!! Next time I'll do something with a higher level.
05 Sep 2022

A highlight of my time in Bali, this would have to be the best way available to experience waterfalls and the forests of Bali. Great hospitality as well, delicious breakfast and lunch made for us.

Mitchell Baker
26 Aug 2022
Wow. Just wow. What a day! Picked up from our Sanur hotel at 6:15am, for a 2.5 hour drive to gitgit. Top quality canyoning suit and vest and of course ropes and all the abseiling equipment. Started with a good safety briefing. Family of four, including a 10 year and 14 year olds. Fun, energetic, not rushed, wet!! Plenty of abseiling, always felt safe. Plenty of photos !! They took them on their GoPro and waterproof cameras. If you bring your own memory card theyÍll upload all the photos at the end !! Wonderful packed lunch at the end too!
Aidan Le-Devenish
05 Aug 2022

The best ever! Worth the money, time and energy. Super friendly local guides, they know what their doing, ensuring the safety of the participants. Great food, great people. You have to try canyoning in gitgit at least once

Sartana Fitra
26 Jul 2022