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Phuc and his team started the company in 2016, aiming to share local experiences at an affordable price with the travellers. Phuc's customers rave about his friendly staffs and this unique itinerary.
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4.9 / 5
42 reviews

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What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.9 out of 42 helpful reviews

Eventful cruise filled with activities. 1 day cruise around the bay, with cave kayaking and snorkelling as well as a very good meal included. Much recommended.

Jian Goh
23 Aug 2022
Impressive views and friendly personnel in both agencies. However, If I were to choose a one-day trip I'd do another This trip includes a visit to Halong Bay. This Bay was very dirty with lots of trash on the sea. The same problem happened in the fishing village. They clearly don't care about waste management and it wasn't very pleasant. The rest of Vietnam it's generally humble but tries to keep everything clean. If I knew it I'd not support a business model so unsustainable. I'd avoid both stops and make the trip shorter. Finally, the journeys that finish before 5 (not this one) can get the last ferry to the mainland from the final destination so if you don't want to stay another day, shorter alternative trips are perfect
Victor Fernandez
16 Aug 2022
We decided to stay on Cat Ba instead of spending 100s$$$ on a Halong Bay cruise. We are really glad we decided to see the national park in this way. Cat Ba is really relaxed with a lot of cheap and comfortable accommodation options. The day tour with Ca Ba Vision was a highlight. The full day was very relaxing, we saw less touristy places, most of the time we were the only boat in the region, and the kayaking through caves was great. Our guide Sun was very enthusiastic, funny and informative, making you feel very welcome. The lunch was also really good. For $50 for 2 people, we don't only feel like we have saved money compared to other tourist options in this area, we were also privlaged to have a unique experience. Thank you for a great day :)
Amanda A
16 Nov 2019
I can absolutely recommend Catba Vision because of their attitude and 5-star service! We spent a wonderful day on a good boat with sincere-smiling&laughing guide Sun (sorry if the spelling is incorrect). The food was varied, towels and water were provided, activities are great (thank you for the kayaking experience). We really liked Catba Vision's 1-day-tour to Halong Bay!
Violette_Bugrova, Russia
14 Nov 2019
Kun was our tour guide, he was really friendly and made sure everyone was comfortable with the tour, he also explained many things about Ha Long bay and Lan Ha Bay. The weather was perfect during our visit so we were able to sunbath on the top deck of the cruise. The route they took was definitely less crowded so it was really relaxing and quiet. They also provided a generous amount of food for us during lunch. After lunch, we all went kayaking for an hour plus then went to visit a small fishing village before heading back to Cat Ba.
sarahc-45032, Malaysia
11 Nov 2019