Chandra’s Surf School

No matter what level of surfer you are, Chandra’s can adapt to your needs. Open to guests’ skills range from complete beginners to pro surfers. Chandra’s surfer family believe that personal attention is the best way to help guests pick up surfing and improve quickly.
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5.0 / 5
45 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 45 helpful reviews
*You won't regret and will come back again and again! We went to Chandra's place every day to enjoy sun (under umbrella and spf), ocean and so friendly atmosphere! Felt very welcomed, so cozy to stay there! And surfing.. Tried so many times before and felt hopeless to stand up on the board, but here - with professional instructor Antonio, right attitude and some Bali magic - i did it on the first wave! Oh my God, now i know how happiness feels :) And amazing surf pictures - one of the best highlights of aaall trip, loved it! Chandra and guys are very helpful with travel tips and problem solving, so it was like having local friends, 100% trustful and kind, funny, open hearted people! Was so curious about everything and Chandra answered all questions about Bali culture, people and most beautiful places (well, now i have to-do list for my next visits..). I highly recommend you to go straight to Chandra's Sunbeds and Surfing to felt in love with Bali more and more.
05 Mar 2020

Unbelievable I made it. It's my first time to try. They instructed me very well. They make me confident and safe. Go to them. Go ahead.

hongx447, Indonesia
02 Mar 2020
Had a 2 hour surf lesson with Antonio. It was a really good experience and I got more feedback and tips today than on my entire week with another well-known surf company! They took photos at the beach and after 1 hour we took a break and I could look at the photos seeing what I did wrong and got the chance to improve it the next hour! I have nothing to complain about, everybody at Chandras are really nice and helpful. The prices are really cheap as well! I would definitely recommend this place and looking forward to comeback again! :)
aliciasvensson, Sweden
18 Dec 2019
We booked three days of surfing with Dedy and Antonio and it was amazing! They were so nice and made surfing a great experience. Eventhough the waves were quite big, it was fun to try surfing. Dedy helped us paddeling and pushed us through the waves. They were not only relaxed and fun during the lessons but especially before and after.
Johannes S
04 Oct 2019
We took surfing lessons as a couple and got 1 teacher per 2 persons for 1h + 1h without teacher + photos, all for 350k. They also provide long sleve t-shirt so the board does not scratch you. Our instructor was kind and explained everything before we went in the water. It was our 2nd time surfing in Bali so we had no problem standing up on the board. Twords the end he let us try everything on our own and only corrected us when we did something wrong. This was really the best way to learn for us. At the end they sent us pictures taken by a professional photographer with a DSLR camera. Just for that reason it was worth comming here. We really recomend you start your first surfing steps with them.
03 Oct 2019