Chapa Express Train

Chapa Express is one of the more luxurious ways to get to Sapa. The train cabins are a little more premium than the other train services, and the staff are great hosts. With Chapa Express you can also enjoy access to the Chapa Lounge in Lao Cai where you can relax and shower after and before your train journey.
15 years experience
Basic English
4.2 / 5
12 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.2 out of 12 helpful reviews
Much better than the Sapaly Express. Cabin was beautifully made-up, comfortable, and clean. The Chapa lounge (Waiting Room 2) at the Lao Cai Railway Station provided a clean, comfortable, and pleasant waiting area, and the staff alerted us of the appropriate time to board, and even brought us directly aboard to show us to our cabin. Toilets were clean, with ample supplies provided. My wife's testimonial: "The only way to travel."
Nigel Na
12 Dec 2022
Gracia Chen
01 Oct 2022
Alexandra Pego
29 Jun 2021
There are 3 different overnight trains between Hanoi and Sapa. I booked our train through Train to Sapa and received incredible service. Ms Ngoc Ha gave me good advice, helped me change tickets when I messed up the booking and did my 2nd booking on Whats Ap which was super convenient. We took the Chapa Express and it was clean, with cute sinks, free water, toothbrushes, nuts and slippers and a bed side lamp. The toilets were clean. We noticed the train felt like it was rocking much more on the upper bunks and it was colder with a strong air con vent at the top of the cabin. It's worth taking some snacks as the food they sell on the train is not great and overpriced (by Vietnam standards). We really enjoyed the train ride overall and I especially loved the service and advice from Ms NGOC HA at Train to Sapa.
Jo B, Australia
14 Oct 2018
n fact there is only one train from Hanoi to Lao Cai at 10.00 p.m. and there are different couches with different names/ Basically are the same very old train coaches with some minimal redecoration. We booked Chapa Express and the mattresses and bed linen were fairly new and comfortable but it can not cancel the smell of the old train. Also don't accept a booking without reserved places then they will put you at the end of corridor just near the toilet and above the wheels and it's terribly noisy. If you are in the middle of the coach you will get a much better sleep.
61shsh, Israel
25 Mar 2018