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Chimichanga SG

Chimichanga offers Singaporean-Mexican nosh and refreshing tipples at a great value, in the heart of Little India and Holland Village.
6 years experience
Fluent English
4.6 / 5
10 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.6 out of 10 helpful reviews
Aurelia Chan Hui-En
23 May 2022
Had a super fun time with Jay our guide and cocktail expert! We were paired with another couple and the group size was great. We made 5 (or more?) cocktails and they were all really fun. I came with zero experience and it was very approachable and interesting for me. I’m glad we each got to try making it with the fruit / vegetables we wanted, I don’t think I’ll ever have a margarita as spicy as the one I had yesterday. The mood was fun and experimental, and the setting of Little India was very charming. Overall would highly recommend!
Helen Darroch
16 May 2022

I organised this cocktail making workshop for my friend's birthday. We had such a fun time, something really different to enjoy together. I recommend this to others. Dom and Jay are cocktail experts!

Nora A.
14 Mar 2022

The lesson was interesting and we managed to learn a few different techniques to brew coffee. The instructor, Jerome moningstar is friendly and knowledgaeble. Highly recommend the class :)

Kimberlyn Lim
14 Mar 2022
Disappointing! I gathered my group of 4, I took leave and all. And we were there promptly at the meeting time. Can you imagine to my horror that the person we were supposed to meet was no show? So after a short wait. We called the contact number. And she asked me why I'm calling her. But this lady was very nice and pleasant over the phone. She told me she would call us back. 15 mins later. She told us that the bartender was at another restaurant and was unable to come back and teach us. My leave gone to waste?? She then asked me if I wanted a refund or to reschedule. To make matters worse. One of my friends was actually at the restaurant. And she said that she was talking to the lady and the lady told her to hold on and someone will call her soon. She never said anything about what was going on. She never said that it was cancelled. So when my friend met up with me, she wanted to go back and confirm with the lady and the guy who was clearly a bartender that our understanding that it was cancelled was correct. My friend asked nicely. But the lady was very rude and aggressive and not apologetic. She shouted at us across the restaurant. 'my colleague already told u no bartender today! Cannot teach u and your friends today! What do you want me to do!!' then she sat down angrily with the other guy and both were on their smartphones. And they ignored us. I know it's not their fault that their bartender friend screwed up but they didn't need to treat us like this. Also I don't dare to book other things through seek Sophie now. I'm not sure if it's the website or the shop that is unreliable. Being shouted at, we decided to refund instead of reschedule.
Joyce O
14 Mar 2022

It was a fun workshop. I learn a lot and the teacher is very knowledgeable. Also very warm and friendly. He even made us coconut espresso.