Divers Paradise Komodo

Divers Paradise Komodo is a meticulous and attentive dive shop. Their instructors are friendly and welcoming, their equipment is kept in new condition, and most importantly they do their best to provide a safe and reliable experience.
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4.7 / 5
13 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.7 out of 13 helpful reviews
It was so cool expirience, me and my boyfriend are finish in this diving centar open water course, our instructor is Ruben (thank you for all Ruben) 🙏 He is so calm and good teacher, and he is do everything to help us in any situation. He is waiting for us till 10:30 pm to get there and finish our exam, because we have problem day before, we are stuck on some other boat in the storm, and we need to get flight next day, I was text him that we have problem, but for him that is not problem at all... He is waiting for us so long time. All employees are help us on so many ways, and especially thanks to Marian which is trying to help us to find a car, and speed boat when we are stuck on the sea 💯 Thank you guys for everything one more time. 💦💙 Great diving centar, great experience, great people!!
Anita Privara
06 Jan 2020

Good atmosphere, very helpfull staff!!! If you’re looking for friendly people and reasonable prices I highly recommend this place :)

30 Dec 2019
It was my diving experience and the difference was made by the instructor and the team of divers paradise Komodo. Our instructor took us to heart immediately and followed us step by step explaining each exercise in detail and giving us the right calm that is needed in a type of sport like this. We took the 3-day course and took the patent for the 18m open water. The emotions and enthusiasm felt in these days of activity have made us love this sport that we can't wait to get back to as soon as the chance will come again! Thank you very much Prima, you made this experience fabulous and unforgettable !!
Alessia Gamba
27 Dec 2019

Professional and attentive instructors, friendly staff, positive vibes, all I needed to enjoy the beautiful dives of Komodo! Can’t recommend more!

Hossein Safyallah
27 Dec 2019
Spent a day diving with these guys. Was very grateful as it was the only dive shop where you could sign up for the dives on the day. The experience was really good, Arthur was an excellent dive master, his control underwater in the currents was very impressive (I too am a DM). The dive sites in the centre of the park Police, Mauan and Tatawa Besar were beautiful. Well organised trip, boat was fine and so was the food. Nothing impressive but sufficient. Really enjoyed it but preferred much preferred diving with Uber Scuba, it was different class and well worth the extra €5 or so.
17 Dec 2019