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Sustainability is woven into every part of Divine Diving with a deep respect for the splendid flora and fauna of Komodo National Park, both above and underwater. That’s why they do not throw anything into the sea, (except themselves) and are committed to responsible trash disposal. In addition to safety, the boat and dive crew is also very committed to responsible diving. The thorough dive briefings inform and educate our guests not only on the dive site but also on how to dive as responsibly as possible.
Fluent English, Bahasa, German
PADI Green Star Award, Marine Megafauna Foundation, Project Aware 100% Aware, Manta Watch, Shark Guardian, WWF Signing Blue, Dive Operator Community Komodo
5.0 / 5
61 reviews

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What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 61 helpful reviews
We spent a day with Divine Diving travelling on their boat into the Komodo National Park. There were only 9 guests on board and nearly as many staff yet we had loads of room to relax - the boat set up is great. In our family, we had one snorkeler who had her own guide for the 3 sites, one doing discover scuba who had her own instructor and two divers. We all saw manta's at Manta Point and had a really great day in the water and onboard. Food was also good - with three coeliacs requiring Gluten Free food, we were kinda accommodated but a few more options would be good :) Equipment was good and the diving professionally run.
KM G, Sydney, Australia
02 Feb 2020
I went on a 4d/3n liveaboard. Because it was low season it was just me and a Brittish couple and the 7 man strong Indonesian crew. They could not have been lovelier and attentive to us. I also liked how they got equally enthusiastic about all the nice things we saw, whether it was the beautiful sunset at padar, dolphins that swam along with the boat, or the amazing marine life we saw, including a very rare and phenomenal whale shark. They also took great care of the environment, which is very important to me and I'm delighted to see more operators upholding high standards in that regard. Highly recommend this operation and crew, with special thanks to guide Hila!
Anne-Marie S, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
02 Feb 2020

I really enjoyed my time with divine diving. The team treats everyone like family. The lunch was really good as well.

26 Jan 2020

Awesome experience with a great crew. Peter, one of our dive guides, spoke english and answered all of our questions with a smile. Saw a lot of mantas in january and would highly recommend

David B
19 Jan 2020
Did a 4D3N liveaboard to Central and South of the Komodo islands on a boat for 8 divers called WetaMolas and it was the truly the best LOB experience of my life!! The marine life was nothing short of amazing, but what made the trip truly memorable were our divemasters Pether and Hila. They made the entire trip so enjoyable and they were absolutely comical we never had a dull moment. They never failed to keep everyone's spirits up and and somehow we always ended up in fits of laughter I was with a group of 4 other friends and met 3 other divers on the boat who were all of different certification levels of diving but Pether and Hila made absolutely sure to keep an eye on each and every one of us. The currents in the South of Komodo were pretty strong and there was a moment during a dive when the current swept 2 of us almost out of sight from our divemaster but he quickly swam to our rescue and made a really good call to surface. Really so thankful we were so well taken care of!! So glad we did the LOB with divine diving and I cannot thank the boat crew and divemasters enough for making this trip such an unforgettable one :))
jobothehutt, Singapore
13 Jan 2020