Dragon Dive Komodo

The Dragon Dive team is highly experienced and dedicated to fun and safe diving in Komodo. They have been very excited to share this new boat with their guests.
10 years experience
Fluent English, French, Spanish
4.7 / 5
57 reviews

All Adventures

All Adventures

4.7 (57)
1 Day Dives *All Level Divers
Join-in Up to 15 persons No Min. Age

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.7 out of 57 helpful reviews
I had such a brilliant experience with the dive centre. Juan ended up coming down solo with me and he was so caring and considerate as my mask was playing up. He replaced it immediately with his and our dive was great. I managed to see a turtle really close up and a few sharks, not only this Juan filmed the experience on his own camera and it was magical. My bf loved Alex, so much praise on her behalf for getting him through his padi. Thank you for the wonderful memories and keep this level of customer service up it was the best dives i received in Indonesia. Xx
02 Feb 2020

Five star dive shop, five star staff, five star dive guides , dragon dive is really great, I can't wait to come back next time!

Min Zhou
30 Jan 2020
We dived one day with dragon dive . The instructor and the dive master are very easy going and chilling people . They take care of the nature and us as well. Also they offer us good price in this low season directly 1,650,000 per person and we saw 3 or 4 giant mantas dancing in the water . Unforgettable experience
Xlanc, Hurghada, Egypt
04 Jan 2020
I went with 2 other friends to the live aboard (3 days). The boat was great, the food was incredible and the instructors were very well prepared. In special, the instructor Guilme took care of the group and proportionate to us a great experience. I usually have pain in my ears while I am diving, so Guilme was very pacient during the dives and helped me a lot with this specific issue. I definitely recommend Dragon Dive!
victorgregolin, Sao Paulo, SP
09 Dec 2019
Stayed at the hostel for the night before our 5 day liveaboard and for the night when we returned. We stayed in a double room with its own private bathroom. It was very clean, the air conditioning worked, the bed was comfortable. The only issue was the toilet didn't flush. Unfortunately the liveboard wasn't so good. Pros The dive team (particularly Simon) were excellent. He had a lot of issues to deal with unfortunately and he dealt with them promptly to get them fixed...the only issue was they kept reoccurring but that's not his fault. They took into consideration any issues that we raised about the dives eg too much swimming into currents and made changes to the dive programme on that basis. Tea, coffee, water, biscuits were freely available at all times. Lots of comfy beanbags and space to chill out after dives. Sunshade on the top deck. Cons The boat is either not fit for purpose and/or that price shouldn't be charged - the toilets and air conditioning didn't work on a daily basis. When we hit a small storm, all windows and doors leaked. One room had water (hopefully water) coming from the room above down their walls. To dive you don't dive from the main boat, you dive from a small boat and if you are small like myself getting in and out of the boat is difficult as the ladder is too short and the seats too deep. Not ideal when you have your full dive kit on. Equally there was a lot of time spent travelling to dive sites in the small boat as the large boat moored quite a distance from the dive sites. We were never sure why this was and a number of people got quite sunburnt because of this. Food - there was a small breakfast each day consisting of warm bread with jam or nutella no plates were supplied and 3 knives for everyone. After the first dive there was a "bigger" breakfast consisting of a pancake each or 2 fried eggs plus a piece of bread. Again no plates or cutlery provided! Before we left we were asked about our dietary requirements - we said no fried eggs and no egg for me at all. There was no alternative to the fried egg breakfast (though I was offered by Simon after he became aware) and boiled eggs were given as part of dinner one night as well. Even worse another guest couldn't eat chicken and every dinner contained chicken. No alternative was ever offered to her and she often ended up eating just rice with soy sauce. When the guest made their booking this dietary requirement was made known but again unfortunately ignored once onboard. However one of the dive masters was allergic to peanuts and they made chicken without satay for them.... You can buy soda (25000) and beer (40000) on the boat. They ran out of Sprite by the 3rd day and the drinks were often not cold enough as they had problems with the fridge/generator. May be we were just unlucky but all in all i would not recommend Dragon Dive as a liveaboard option. We have done a liveaboard in Thailand and that was far superior to this and cheaper and we had bunk beds rather than a suite. For what we got with Dragon Dive we felt it was a backpacker boat. If they want this to be an upmarket option to their actual backpacker boat they need to pay more attention to the detail eg facilities and food. The diving experience is the same regardless so what are you paying for if you book the Yoshi? Thank you to Simon though for some amazing dives and for managing to keep a smile on his face even though you must have been crying inside with all the issues you had to face.
piratepards UK
01 Dec 2019