Duyung Baru

German-born Korth Vovo arrived in Bali in the way back 1993. As a young man, he initially set out to enjoy the uncrowded, world-class surf breaks of Indonesia. Later, he owned a beachwear company while still managing to find time for his passion, surfing. Eventually, he decided to sell his small export company which enabled him to afford his very first boat in 1998 - It was an old Indonesian Phinisi sailboat named Duyung (which means Mermaid). Purchased with the intention of discovering new surf breaks that were only accessible by boat. It quickly became apparent however that the boat's engine was just too small and coming into close proximity of these breaks was just too dangerous. It was at this point that Vovo was re-introduced to Scuba diving. Vovo and his crew sailed the Indonesian archipelago exploring and scuba diving in uncharted territory for the next 3 years. In this time Vovo met his soon to be wife- Yani. The two formed a lifelong relationship and complimented each other perfectly. They held a common goal, to enjoy their lives and to share their joy with their friends and their guests aboard the liveaboard Duyung. There are not many people alive today who have more knowledge of the dive sites and waters of Komodo than Vovo and his crew.
23 years experience
Fluent English, Bahasa
5.0 / 5
25 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 25 helpful reviews
We have had one of the most wonderful experience of our life aboard the DUYUNG. 3 hilarious couples with a very knowledgeable diving instructor and cruise leader: Laurent. Laurent is full of stories and experiences and therefore makes this trip not only safe and fun but also extremely human. Could not recommend more. Best value for money, awesome food, wonderful crew. Above water: insanely beautiful and pleasant, cruising the waters of Komodo park Below water: one of the richest aquamarine life accessible to all (divers and snorkelers) with giant turtles, huge manta rays, reef sharks and endless fishes 10/10
Lucas G
20 Oct 2019
The owner, Vovo is very experienced in Komodo islands, he is a truly Komodo Pro, he knows every stone of Komodo underwater. Our trip departured just on the time of new moon, he monitoring the tide and current before every dive, make sure the site we go is fun and most important safety. He will find the best site we could go with best condition, and not crowded at all. We enjoyed the amazing and tailored diving very much because of his efforts. Vovo's wife, Yani, the captain and the chef, she wake up on 4:00am every morning to bake the fresh bread, I will never forget the fresh German Prezels she made, is the one of the best I've tasted. Me and the other two are may the first group of Chinese guests of Vovo's liveaboard, hope will have more divers know them and dive with them. 可以称得上完美的一次船宿体验,船主Vovo是德国人,最多能接待6名潜水员(三个船舱),Vovo是科摩多潜水的专家,已经在这里生活二十多年,非常了解每一个潜点的不同状况。我们这次出行刚好和新月撞期,开始的几天水流非常强,Vovo根据他的经验帮我们挑选并安排最安全、绝对包场的潜点,他的宗旨是要享受潜水,避免不必要的冒险。科摩多水流强劲又变化多端,正因为他的专业,让我们即体会放流的海底乐趣,又保证了行程的绝对安全。 Vovo的太太Yani是印尼当地人,我永远忘不了她每日凌晨开始为我们烘培的手工新鲜面包,德式吐司,纽结面包,南瓜籽吐司等等。早餐一般是面包、煎蛋和西红柿沙拉;午餐是煎蛋的汤粉面,晚餐几乎每晚都有新鲜烤鱼。有饮食上的忌口或者要求都可以提前跟Yani提出,她都会尽量满足。 小规模的船宿,真正可以体验“私人定制”的乐趣,在顶层甲板上安静的晒太阳看书,和buddy们天南海北的聊天,享受这份安逸和幸运。 推荐给英文交流无障碍的中国潜水员,建议直接在官网联系预定。
mandy_xmy, China
09 Oct 2019
One of the best, if not THE BEST, liveaboard trip we have ever had (and we had taken many, including the luxury ones)! We are usually looking for deep dives, strong currents, many fish (the bigger the better:)), not many other divers and good food. Duyung Baru exceeded our expectations in all those areas!!! Diving is indeed quite hard considering the strong currents, but Vovo knows how to dive currents and takes safety very seriously (we are real "safety sausage experts" after this trip)! The boat itself is very comfortable - nice cabins with proper matrasses and separate toilet/shower rooms, plenty of space for relaxation both in sun and shadow. And the last but definetely not the least is Yani's hospitality and food! She is the heart and soul of the boat and her food is soooooo tasty and always fresh!!!! I cannot recomment Duyung Baru more! We will be back!
VinetaC, Latvia
22 Jul 2019
Amazing trip on the Duyung Baru in Komodo. Yani is extremely nice and cooks amazing food. Vovo knows the dive sites inside out and even proposes some free diving for those who wants (of course before the dives). He has his secret spot which no one knows about, avoiding the crowded dive sites where the marine life could be scared by all the divers. We still dove the best sites but at times where less boats were there and were greated by sharks and schools of tunas. Crew knows the currents and the ocean, which makes for an amazing experience.
PaulBonnet, UK
22 Jun 2019
Our week aboard the Duyung Bari was an incredible experience. It felt like we did a homestay with Yani, who treated and accepted us as family from the moment we connected. Her warmth and generosity is unparalleled. She literally gave me the shirt off her back when I asked if they sold t-shirts! She woke before dawn every day to bake delicious bread, Indonesian specialities and yummy desserts (including a birthday cake for one of our fellow guests). This is not a boat for weight watchers - you will return home with extra baggage. As for the diving, our guide, Nick, did a fantastic job of managing currents and tides to keep us safe and diving within our abilities. He choose the best dive sites with a mix of popular destinations and those lesser known. We saw heaps of reef sharks, manta rays, turtles and spotted more rare specimens including frogfish, octopus, cuttlefish, and brightly colored nudibranches. The diving was challenging for me, as it was my first time using a reef hook and diving with strong currents, but I felt safe and improved my skills with Nick. Be sure to bring mask, fins, computer. They’ve got the rest if you dont want to haul it there. They have nitrox too. The rest of the crew was equally exceptional. Hendri, the speedboat driver,scooped us up no matter where we popped up from our dive. Saptu kept the boat and kitchen spotless and tidy. Meraj captained with ease and with a smile. This is a small boat, with 3 passenger cabins. They are cozy yet well designed and supremely comfortable, with en suites and hot showers. The bed is restful and Yani sewed all the bedding by hand. This was one of the most memorable vacations my partner and I have taken. Every aspect of the trip was curated with love and careful attention. I will look back to this wonderful cruise with fond memories and with with warmth towards the crew.
Meghan W
06 May 2019