Dynasty Cruise

Dynasty Cruise is designed in the royal European style to reflect elegance, sophistication and modernity. The cruise is fully equipped with amenities such as a restaurant, bar and spa. Dynasty Cruise's mission is to provide the most enjoyable experience to guests while they discover the world's natural wonder that is Halong Bay.
6 years experience
Fluent English
4.8 / 5
21 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.8 out of 21 helpful reviews
Wow what an amazing experience. The staff were friendly and professional. The food was delicious, well presented and the facilities were all clean. I was impressed with the room, spa bath & balcony. It had such a royal feel to it. The day excursions were also great, most with only 30-45 minutes each as there is alot to do. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
08 Jan 2020
We made our reservation via fo 2 day halong bay cruise. We recieved a lot of additional info from Dynasty Cruise just a few days later. They were very prompt in providing all requested info and even in Vietnam they were available for contact via viber. The transfer from Hanoi could be better organised. At 7.30 they start picking up the guest in Old Quater and that takes 1 hour. It should be better if everybody would come to one pick up place. Than the van ride takes another 3 hours. All together 4 hours which is tooo long. At the end of journey they make a stop at the pearl factory which is boring. We arrived after 4 hours in van to the port and were told that we have to wait for another 45 min to get on board. This was not ok so I made a complaint and cruise manager arranged that we got our cabin in next 10 min. I don't understand why they organise transfer which takes 4 hours and than another 45min waiting in the port. Time management needs improvement. The cabin was very nice, spacious (2 bedrooms) and with a wonderfull view to the sea. It was sad to see that they don't maintain the white furniture which is already grey and cleanliness needa more attention in every corner of the cabin and ship. The restaurant is stunning with beautiful interier and also food was awsome. Lunch is served as buffet, dinner as set menu and breakfast again as buffet. Food is great, only staff at service needs more organisation. They are disoriented, forget to bring something, food was brought cold to table....but they are all trying to be friendly as much as they can. At 10.45 we had to go off the ship so it was less than 24 hours spent on the shipp (2 day halong bay cruise). I wish that we could atay at least 4 hours more to enjoy the jacuzzi in bathroom and sunny terrace at the 5th floor. The cruise is not cheep but anyway a nice experience which we would do again.
20 Nov 2019
Just got off an overnight tour with Dynasty Cruises in Halong Bay. Spectacular views could only be better if the sun was shining The rooms on the ship were very spacious and including the bathroom, everything was clean and newish looking. The food was exceptionally good and there was lots of it; got to help (and eat) spring rolls during the cooking lesson too - our compliments to the chef! The staff were extremely friendly and always happy to greet and help you. Great job by everyone. Included activities were all good - don’t be afraid to walk all the steps unless you have bad knees. Can’t choose a Halong Bay tour? Can’t go wrong with this one.
Eldon O, Canada
20 Nov 2019
We had high expectations based on reviews, and also the info given to us by the booking agency; Cruise Hunting Squad (CHS). The photos given to us by CHS, mostly of the food, were nothing like what we saw. The food onboard was a huge let down! They main course at dinner was fish and although all 4 of us love fish, none of us ate much of it. For one of us, a vegetarian, and our kids, they served basic spaghetti with ketchup. The breakfast was a choice between two pastries, coco puff or cornflake cereal and pot coffee or tea. They did put on a buffet spread later, on the way back to dock, which they call brunch. But you are busy checking out of your room and settling the bill ect, that you have limited time to enjoy either it or the views. It made much more sense to put on the big spread early before the days events, and leave the crappy other stuff for those who want it later, leaving time aside for those who want to be outside. This is marketed as a two day, one night trip, but keep in mind you board the boat at around 11am, and are shoved off 24 hours later. The room was fine but not perfect. The appointments were nice, but the mattress was hard. One tiny bottle of body-wash for each room. The ship was large and clean. As for the activities, we felt that we were being put through a production line at a processing factory. I appreciate the limited time, but the timing was what we had issue with. For example, at both Titov Island and Surprise Cave, we arrived at the exact same time as about 2000 other tourists from other ships. It was hectic, pushy and not fun. Trying to get any photo, let alone one without some else or an elbow or whatever in it was impossible. During the time there, we ended up near the back of the herd at both locations, and noticed that behind us, there wasn't anyone. If we had arrived at these main attractions 20 minutes later it would have been a fantastic, relaxed experience. There were about 30 guests on board, including a group of 10 locals in their twenties. The rest were fourty-ish and up.Unfortunately the group of locals brought down the cruise, with their rudeness, lack of consideration and their self-appointed entitlement. We spoke to some guests and noted the reactions of other guests, and it was the same general feeling. Of course this is not directly attributable to the Company, however, the employees, being also very young, not only allowed the bad behavior, it was almost encouraged, certainly not controlled. The employees should have acknowledged the group of locals were upsetting other guests and made some attempt to control it or perhaps apologize. Also, the Cruise Director decided to have karaoke!. (it wasn't on the itinerary) in deck-top Sky bar. The only ones interested in it and who sang were the group of locals. The terrible singing along to Vietnamese hip-hop/house/electronic dance music was blasted into Halong Bay, where countless other ships were mored. It ruined the atmosphere for us while it was going on, and I was embarrassed our ship was destroying what should have been a peaceful relaxing atmosphere in a beautiful location. Then, after being disappointed by this Company during our first day, one of the employees approached our table at dinner, and asked if she could use my phone to scan a QR code she had, and write herself a glowing review on TripAdvisor. We felt that none of the employees were worthy of glowing review. They were friendly and pleasant but nothing great. This behavior was quite shocking. I am sure our experience would have been better if the local group had been on a different ship and they would have been better off being on a party boat. But even putting aside this part of it, based on our experience, we don't recommend this cruise company!
jumbo_driver, Japan
07 Nov 2019

We had a wonderful trip on this ship, we were stay at the room on 2sd floor with nice ocean view. Thank you female employee for excellent service as the picture below, she took good care of us as tour guide and waitress.

13 Oct 2019