Elon Farm Stay

A passionate traveller and certified tourist guide, Jenny founded Elon Farm Stay with her family to share her countryside life and the warm-hearted community with fellow travellers. If you are seeking an experience unlike other touristic destinations or just simply searching for a respite from the busy cities, Jenny will welcome you with open arms at Elon's, where the tranquil atmosphere and untouched rural landscape will be a refreshing experience for city dwellers.
3 years experience
Fluent English
5.0 / 5
18 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 18 helpful reviews
We absolutely fell in love with Jenny and Elon's family, they are very warm, welcoming, adventerous and caring. My parents were so excited to participate in the farm life, we cooked traditional dishes together, went to the bee farm, visited gardens and farms, silk worm factory was very interesting, we were riding bicycle and bike! Jeeny shared a lot of interesting information about Vietnamese culture and farm life. It is hard to put in words our impressions, it is definitely worth it and, I believe, worth even much more (Website hidden by Airbnb) And also, I think, through this project Jenny made the life of the village residents and her family even more exciting and adventerous, she brought many colours to that place. Thank you for this wonderfull day :)
14 Mar 2020
We will never forget the day spent with Jenny and her family. It was a journey within a wonderful scenario where people live following the rhythm of nature, human relationships are simple and authentic, where you can rediscover the beauty of how little it takes to be happy. Our experience with Jenny has exceeded all expectations. Being curious is a gift that we have since childhood and being able to keep it alive allows us not to forget how we were and to look forward trying to increase awareness of the world around us. On this day our curiosity was largely satisfied by the many experiences made where we could learn how silk is made, how coffee is produced, how to cook a typical dish starting from ingredients collected by ourselves, how to fish, how turmeric powder is produced. The list goes on, but it's not just about that. The chats with Jenny and her husband, the tea with the neighbors, the sister's enthusiasm in receiving us as guests, the smiles exchanged with the people and the love transmitted by each of them are the best memory of this day. This experience is unique and special. Our words will never fully express what Jenny gave us. The only advice is to try this experience if you are near Da Lat, enjoying this corner of paradise like curious children.
12 Mar 2020
Jenny made my parents' stay very special. They had no word to describe this trip as a whole, because it was really intense and memorable in an unique way. My parents feedback: The welcoming was really family-like, - having family in Vietnam, it felt about the same. Jenny is very cultivated and explains really precisely all the activities, such as the coffee, honey and the silk worms. She speaks really well English which simplified all communications. He husband, mother in law and the entire family really, were really natural and loved sharing their culture. One of their main objective was to make us live what they live and experience everyday which allowed us to cook with them for instance and spend simple and pleasant moments with them. My parents felt like they were 2 adopted persons, and had a spot in this family for the length of their stay. As of me, the organizer from abroad, I found it really easy to connect with jenny, who was of great help way before they started the adventure. She took into account my parents story to tailor a perfect day for them. She even gave great tips on taxis for instance and other stuff like that prior to the trip I can honestly say that is the best experience so far on Airbnb, that truly respects the vibe about what an experience should be: one that doesn't feel like you paid in the first place. (even though the value is also great for everything they got). So to conclude: thank you Jenny
21 Feb 2020
It was our first Airbnb “experience” and we are absolutely happy! We spent a wonderful day with Jenny’s family. They showed us the coffee plantation, the bee farm, the silk worm farm and much more. We visited several houses in their village and enjoyed their friends’ hospitality. We cooked a delicious lunch together and then participated in a family dinner in the evening. Moreover, we were lucky and Jenny’s father took us back to Dalat city on his way. This was a day filled with new knowledge and friendly atmosphere. We are traveling with a small baby, so we need a lot of unpredictable breaks during any activity. Jenny and her family were so understanding and we were able to explore everything they prepared for us at our own pace. Jenny and Elon have a small baby of their own, so they can really get it :) They even prepared a bedroom for us so that our daughter could take a nap there, though we did not stay overnight. We highly recommend this experience, it is something unique and unforgettable. I believe it will remain one of the highlights of our long journey around SE Asia.
08 Feb 2020
I could not say enough great things about this experience. As an Airbnb super user, I already had high expectations based on the reviews, and Jenny still managed to blow all of them away. - She was so helpful even before I arrived, when I had a ton of questions about the experience and about traveling to/from Dalat in general. I kept changing my plans which she took in stride. - In the short 1.5 days that I spent there, she made me feel like one of the family. She was extremely warm and welcoming and essentially opened up her home to me. Her family is adorable too! Her baby son is just as sweet and friendly as she is. - When I expressed wanting to buy pomelo, she embarked on a focused hunt for it and we went to three different markets to find it. That’s dedication/hospitality! - Loved picking and eating fresh fruits & and vegetables from her and her neighbors’ gardens. Everything was extremely fresh and healthy (no loads of sugar in every dish that seems to be the earmark of southern Vietnamese food). - And obviously this is such great value! Book this experience ASAP if you’re passing through anywhere close to Dalat. :-)
Suana (Shiyuan)
03 Feb 2020