Farmville Retreat

Farmville was started up by an owner who is a city dweller. He opened up the camping group hoping that more people can escape the city life once in a while to simply enjoy nature. Farmville is situated 1.5km off-road in Sikamat, Negeri Sembilan. Campers will be able to experience childhood activities, back in the days before the smartphone-era.
4 years experience
Fluent English, Chinese, Bahasa
Refuse Plastics
5.0 / 5
24 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 24 helpful reviews

nice place to run away frm busy city life

Karel Gopal
05 Jul 2020
Nice place for city kids to experience Nature. Lots of activities like jungle trekking, fishing, camp fire, rafting etc...never a dull moment for the kids! Only about 1.5hrs from city centre Clean toilets with freezing natural water to shower Builds up your immunity by getting ant bites, leeches, and best of all, get wet while rafting / fishing : ) Highly recommended!!!
jimmy leong
18 Jan 2020
City kids should go to FarmVille to experience it!!! Many kids have not touched a live frog or fish before...1st hand experience!!! Fishing, Jungle trekking, Camp Fire, sleeping under the stars, playing in the rain, walking barefoot in the MUD etc Go get your kids baked in the sun / kick around in MUD / get wet while rafting....MUST TRY!!! Special compartments are available to keep the Ipads and smartphones away from the kids 😅 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED👍👍👍 I WILL RETURN 🙂
LeOng Jimmy
17 Dec 2019
Heidi and Lawrence is very easy to deal with and accommodating. If you are first time camper don’t give this place a miss. My little family had a great time, loved the food they prepared for us and toilet and shower facilities were very clean. The tent we rented were reasonably priced well kept, clean and comfy with pillows and sleeping mat provided. Clear communications, directions to campsite was given prior. A Big thank you again to Heidi, Lawrence and the rest of the FarmVille crew for the great hospitality. We will definitely return again with our friends
June Poon
30 Oct 2019

Highly recommended for first time campers and family with toddlers, as the team is always be there for you and the program is well planned. my kids have fun!

Tan Shaney
13 Aug 2019