Fatt Leong Private Kitchen

Fatt Leong is all about discovery and exploring flavours. The chef adopts a myriad of cooking styles & techniques; elevating food into different dimensions with multiple profiles. The ensemble begins from planning the flavours to visiting the market the day before to scout for seasonal fresh produces and interesting butcher’s cuts. Also, the menu constantly evolves without boundaries and is customisable to the diners’ dietary preferences.
3 years experience
Fluent English
5.0 / 5
10 reviews

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What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 10 helpful reviews
The private dining experience with Justin was phenomenal! His place is well hidden from plain sight along the vintage Tiong Bahru old houses, but the interior is very beautifully designed! It feels like you’re in a boutique designer shop along Haji Lane. The space is adequate for a group dinner setting. He puts his heart and soul into every dish he makes, telling us how he acquire the ingredients, a little history about the food industry with relation to his food, and he pairs up the food with the right drinks! The most unique part about this experience that differs greatly from the other private dining experience is the lack of a proper menu. You eat what he makes, and that’s the beauty and fun part of it! He would go down to the market and look for the freshest ingredients for the day, and then decide what he want to make for the dinner. From the way he speaks fondly about every food that he serves, you can tell he really puts in an immense amount of effort to understand each ingredient and brings the best flavour out of them! I am deeply moved by every dish he serves, from the starters all the way to the dessert. He cares about how the diners feel about the texture and flavour of the food, so he arranges the sequence of the food according to how heavy/light the taste is. All I could say is that I would definitely bring people that appreciate gourmet food to him, as a respect for his dedication and delicious food! Thank you for giving us such a phenomenal dining night, Justin!
25 Jul 2022
A sumptous meal that showcases elevated homely flavours. Every dish was well thought out, from the sourcing of ingredients, to the way each part of the dish is prepared, no detail was carried out without thought. Overall a really enjoyable experience of hearty eating and great conversations!
25 Jul 2022

Food and presentation is superb
A must try place

Timothy Tang
04 Jun 2022

A unique dining experience. Food is of decent portion and creative. Really satisfy my palate. Highly recommended!

LinFeng Tan
11 Apr 2022

Lovely place. Good food & super host

Kah Yee Chan
08 Apr 2022