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Following Giants

Following Giants is the ultimate choice for visitors seeking an authentic, sustainable, and elephant-friendly experience. Our Elephant Sanctuary in Koh Lanta-Krabi offers a life-changing adventure with majestic elephants while promoting ethical and responsible tourism. At Following Giants, we are dedicated to providing a unique and ethical encounter with these gentle giants, prioritizing their well-being and conservation. Unlike traditional elephant tourism, we do not support exploitative activities like riding or unnatural performances. In the lush landscapes of Krabi region, our Elephant Sanctuary allows you to interact up close with these incredible creatures, witnessing their playful interactions and observing them in their natural habitat. Our experienced staff guides you through the sanctuary, sharing insights about elephant behaviors, their habitat, and conservation efforts. We are committed to offering an educational experience that fosters a deep understanding and appreciation for these gentle giants. Following Giants provides a haven for rescued elephants, offering a stress-free environment where they can live freely and happily. Your visit will be filled with heartwarming interactions, observing the elephants' playful behavior, and capturing precious moments. Beyond providing unforgettable experiences, our commitment to ethical elephant tourism extends to active contributions to elephant conservation and well-being. By choosing our sanctuary, you become part of a movement that supports responsible tourism and contributes to the betterment of the elephants' lives. Choose Following Giants for a memorable and responsible encounter with these magnificent creatures.
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