Golden Star Cruise
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GOLDEN STAR CRUISE is modelled after the old Vietnamese court vessels with sails, a wide transom, and rectangular superstructure, luxurious, traditional styling paired with sophisticated modern facilities and comforts. This junk boast's romantic wooden fixtures, a multitude of windows to make the most of the amazing views and a spectacular upper deck for your total relaxation. All cabins are air-conditioned and have windows overlooking the bay. From the moment you step onboard the GOLDEN STAR CRUISE, you will feel pampered. All team members are well – trained graduates dedicated to bringing you the very best of Halong Bay. Our team will also bring a new feeling about unique heritage in the world. To ensure your comfort, they always use private transport to travel by road. They have their own modern fleet of air-conditioned vehicles, ranging from 4 to 29 seaters bus, depending on the size of the group.
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44 reviews