Halong Catamaran

This premium cruise line offers the perfect balance of traditional elegance and modern comfort to all travellers on board, with 99 seats, an open-air front viewing deck, and a beautifully fitted interior. Renowned for their conscientious care and attention to detail in everything they do, the Catamaran team is dedicated to curating a deluxe experience for every guest while bringing out the best of these world natural heritage sites, Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay.
4 years experience
Fluent English
4.8 / 5
13 reviews

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What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.8 out of 13 helpful reviews

Everything perfect. good food, clean cruise. comfortable music.

ko myoungju
16 Nov 2020
I loved this trip due to the comfortable and lovely catamaran. It was spacious and good interior and exterior. The swimming and kayaking was fun and a great way to see the wonders up close and personal. The staff were lovely, and great customer service. Only 2 things I feel would of improved the trip, first, I think having lunch before the swimming and kayaking is not such a good idea. Many people were hungry after the activities and I feel better snacks should of been given or later lunch would of been much more convenient.
Chris Brookes
20 Jul 2020

Thank you everyone for your thoughtfulness during the trip. We will be back more times, worth it for the quality of service. Ah, thanks for partnering with me a free glass of wine to take virtual photos 

Pham Hong Thu
26 May 2020
Today there is a journey of The Halong Catamaran that just finished the trip, must fly here to review immediately. The first impression is that the ship is beautiful inlay, the service staff is attentive and especially the handsome guide is very cute, the manager is dedicated. Worth the money for a bowl of rice 
Ngoc Hà
16 May 2020

Good service, enthusiastic consultancy, service throughout the journey is always fast and devoted, thoughtful!

Do Thi Nhân
05 May 2020