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Happi Village

Happi Village is an eco-friendly resort just an hour away from Kuala Lumpur city, Malaysia. Here you can be as close to nature as possible, with the villas right next to the virgin forest and pleasant climate at the high altitude. Besides the serene setting, you’re bound to fall in love with the architecture and interior design of Happi Village. This villa features a modern look with industrial touches combined with beautiful wood features. The making of the Happi Village ensured minimal impact on the environment with no ground-levelling or tree chopping allowed. On top of eco-friendly building practices, an additional 600 trees were planted and mountain water directed to the site.
2 years experience
Fluent English, Bahasa
Refuse Plastics
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What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.4 out of 32 helpful reviews
Muhammad Fazlee
14 Mar 2021

the atmosphere of the natural concept is particularly striking. no strong internet coverage makes this holiday closer to nature as we are not busy with social media. suitable for those who seek serenity and appreciate the nature of God's creation.

Iris Huang
15 Aug 2020
Nice place, but many insects, need to bring mosquito repellent. And the dinner is good but quite expensive. Order 3 sets of home cooked sets and come with 3 big plates of 1.fired eggs 2. Stirred veges(bok choy) 3. Green curry chicken. All were delicious but these 3 dishes+rice cost RM150 which is too expensive I think. Better reset the dinner price or menu.
08 Aug 2020

Everything is well organised.

I personally think the food price is ridiculously expensive.

06 Aug 2020

I like the interior design . The pool is big. They got space to barbecue for the group.

The road to the hotel is so quiet and stiff. And the surrounding was so quiet too.

Serena Ho
04 Aug 2020
Tucked away like most resorts in Janda Baik. Love the limited capacity so it isn’t too crowded. The receptionist was really friendly and the kitchen staffs were really helpful and nice. When I went, the cook was on sick leave. They came to ask about the food and apologised if it wasn’t good as they cooked it themselves. The room was clean. The hot water is heated using gas so it takes some time to heat up. Love the outdoor bath tub as you can have a scenic view while having a relaxing soak. There’s no tv in the room, which is great. The wifi isn’t that strong either. But then this gives you all the more reason to disconnect and focus on people you’re with or yourself. The room is not sound proof from the sounds of nature. So if you’re a light sleeper, might want to bring some earplugs/earphones. All in all, I had a truly relaxing stay here with the fresh air and nature. Recommend it to anyone who wants a getaway from city life.