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Hidden Singapore

Hidden Singapore is Singapore's first bot-based geo game that takes its participants on eye-opening immersive adventures around Singapore. Go on adventures with the Void Deck Cat, solving cryptic clues, discovering hidden Singapore gems, learning about its history and heritage, unlocking exclusive deals, and taking breaks at awesome F&B places. Discover, the Singapore you thought you knew.
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What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 5 helpful reviews
29 Jul 2022
Might be biased but this best outdoor adventure game SG has to offer  Spent an afternoon learning about Singapore’s history & getting lost… but in a good way.   Most scavenger hunts that have educational elements feel forced and the lesson takeaway often put a weird brake on the momentum of the adventure. With hidden sg, there wasn’t even a small remnant of these problems! The game was so well planned and all the pieces fit in in such a satisfying way! Highly recommend this for any group looking to bond   The highlight was definitely getting to interact with the local vendors that were woven into the trail.
26 Jul 2022
Best way to learn more about the neighbourhood with yummy hidden FnB stops to find! Fun and interesting experience to do with a group of friends to go around hidden spots in SG to answer clues and learn a bit of history in each location! Instructions were very clear and all you need is a charged phone, walking shoes and a fun group of buddies to do this with. The clues really tested our brains a bit- it was not that easy! I loved the FnB stops and the little surprises / perks that came with it   I would definitely do this again in another neighbourhood! Only setback was that I wish we had more indoor spots because it was very hot to walk outside   I highly recommend bringing a fan
24 Jul 2022
Such a good experience! Had a couple of hours to kill and was browsing what to do in Holland Village. Did this with a friend and we were pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. Would definitely recommend this to friends and we're looking at other locations to explore too. Plus there were some surprising freebies/deals so it's so worth the money!
18 Jul 2022

It was such a fun time exploring around Holland Village and learning about the history of the place. With quizzes that really test your mind and it is a fun activity to do with a group of friends or even for a date!

17 Jul 2022

I had more fun than I expected to on this outdoor escape game - the cat theme and historical educational aspects were really fun, and it was pretty funny walking around Holland V figuring out the clues with a bunch of friends