JED Village Ecotourism

JED is a strong statement from four communities who want to decide for themselves the future of their people, their culture and their environment. Inviting visitors to their villages is a way not only to raise funds for cultural and conservation activities but also to raise community esteem for these assets. It is an opportunity for villagers to share their pride in Bali with visitors, and present Bali as they know and love it, to the world. The result is a unique chance for travelers to directly experience village life and see what Bali is all about
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5.0 / 5
7 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 7 helpful reviews
JED was an enriching experience that gave me great insight into the Balinese culture. I went on two JED tours Pelaga and Tenganan and I would highly recommend both tours. The guides were friendly and had an extensive knowledge which they were more than happy to share. The food is incredible as well!! Worth the visit to Pelaga and the homestay visit to try the delicious Balinese delicacies. But the best thing about the tours is knowing that it helps the local families through their eco tourism model so you know that the money you pay is not going to a foreign agency. Looking forward to the next tour with JED! Also fun tip: when on the Tenganan tour ask to see the honey- it is delicious!!!!
hannahsutton9335, Turkey
23 Jan 2018
I was lucky enough to take part in two JED tours in both in Pelaga and Tenganan. Both experiences left me with invauable insight into the lives of the Balinese outside of the hustle and bustle of mass tourism in the south. Everything about JED tours are kept local and community based, from the knowledgeable tour guides who are locals themselves, to the locally sourced lunches cooked within the village. Could not recommend this organisation enough and it is definitely worth paying the extra and getting the real Balinese experience through JED. I hope to take part in their other tours down the track. Thanks for everything guys!
Karis E
11 Jan 2018
This is a must for those seeking a cultural experience. It is worthwhile paying the extra and having JED as your guide. Many tourists just touch the surface of this attraction, not really be informed in depth. One can easily spend over five hours in this village and the guides are so knowledgeable. It was a privilege to enter into the homes and to be able to dine in the village. The lunch was superb. I have experienced just turning up at the village and only seeing what is put out for tourists but it is best to book with JED and being educated in this amazing place.
TAACAT, Bundaberg
05 Jun 2017
If you want to see how daylylife are in a village far from the tourismzones, I can highly recommend JED's tours. They let us meet people in the village and our local guide told so much about culture and economics. The walk through the forrest were delayed of heavy rains, but umprellas and shelters on the road and our guides made this to a very nice experience.
evarV851YM, Sweden
23 Nov 2016
I had the opportunity to do the Pelaga village tour and was able to see and experience the dynamic of the village as it relates to coffee production and agriculture. It was incredibly insightful and offered up an authentic Balinese cultural experience. The village was peaceful and the cooler mountain temperatures definitely contributed to what I think was the best night's sleep I've ever had. On top of that I was blown away by how good the coffee was. Almost more importantly - I was not expecting the food to be as amazing as it was. I have been to Bali a few times now and I can safely say that the meals we had in the village were the best I've ever had on the island. I would definitely return to Pelaga but would want to make sure I check off the other villages in the JED network for my next visit.
808waveshreddah, Hawaii
05 Nov 2015