Kadek Bali Trekking

Kadek Bali Trekking is a reliable Balinese trekking company especially for travellers who are looking to enjoy Bali's amazing sunrise views. They cater especially to travellers who want to climb Mount Batur/Volcano Batur, Mount Agung/Agung Volcano and the Batur Caldera. Kadek Bali Trekking has received many awesome reviews from travellers who have said that they are friendly, helpful and skilled at managing trekking time well so that you can enjoy every moment of the experience! They are great company for the day and are also patient with elders. They've also been recommended by TripAdvisor and have a Certificate of Excellence in 2018, as well as a 2016 Certificate of Excellence for Bali Trekking And Tour Guide, so you know that they are great at what they do.
17 years experience
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4.9 / 5
41 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.9 out of 41 helpful reviews
It was a wonderful experience hiking Mount Bantur to see the sunrise. Our drivers Agus and Dedi were super friendly. Our trekking guide was lovely. We were blessed with a stunning view of the sunrise and the volcano. The hike up took us a bit more than an hour, with the majority of the trail being lose volcano sand and rocks. The hike down was a bit more difficult. The temperature up the summit was around 15c, best to wear a jacket and long pants and shoes with good grip. The hot soring was mediocre.
13 Mar 2020
1. Mt Batur Sunrise Trekking I departed from Sanur at 2am, arrived around 3.30am. As soon as Depa (my driver for the day; he’s the BEST!) saw me with short sleeves, he contacted my trekking guide Katut, so he could prepare me a jacket I could borrow. I couldnt thank them more as it was freezing and windy! The sandy ground was quite challenging for me, as I have only trekked on rocky mountains. It felt like walking with two bags of sand chained to my ankles; Katut, my dearest trekking guide helped me all the way up and down. He held my hand, and with the bamboo stick he kindly showed me where to land my foot. As I was sweating cats and dogs, he kindly carried my water bottle. I was very lucky to have two gents from France as well, they knew I was a beginner; didnt mind me taking as many breaks as I needed. We arrived around 5.10, enough time to see the sunrise; and blessed with beautiful weather conditions. 2. Nature Hotsprings & Coffee Plantation A hot bath was just what I needed after the trek, however if you are from any northern Asian countries you wont find it satisfying; they were quite lukewarm(I needed boiling hot). The coffee plantation was normal, I needed coffee but what I needed more was some sleep. Anyways my way back to the hotel I fell asleep and Depa made sure I wouldnt wake up due to rough roads. Overall, AMAZING experience! But make sure you have a relaxing day before you take this experience. And hope more people meet Depa and Katut!
21 Jan 2020
Mt Batur trek and our trekking guide Ketut was friendly and very helpful. He is very patience and managed our trekking time very well, allowing us to enjoy every moment of the trek. Special thanks to Arta our driver as well, courteous and knowledgeable, giving us briefing and tips prior to the hike. Would definitely recommend them as your choice should you want to do Mt Batur trek. Verdict: More than satisfied!
Tsubat At Tiryaq
31 Dec 2019
Me and my gf did the mount batur sunrise trekking and it was a great experience! Everything was well organized and our driver (Mupu) was very pleasant to communicate with. Moreover, our hiking guide (Ketut) was very helpful as he for example made a walking stick for us during the hike. All in all we were very satisfied about this trip.
01 Nov 2019
We had the best morning with these guys. Arka was a brilliant driver and ensured everyone was picked up and dropped off correctly. The tour guide Ketut was so helpful with the climb and couldnt do more to help with any thing we needed on the way up and down. The views are breath taking, I would highly recommend using this tour operator!
03 Sep 2019