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Kamana Trip was formed in 2017 by a travel blogger from Bandung, Indonesia. He was on a trip to his dream destination, Komodo National Park, and found it incredibly frustrating dealing with the yet-developing tourism industry in Komodo. He founded Kamana Trip so that he could bring about a higher quality of service to travellers to Komodo, with better boats at affordable prices.
5 years experience
Basic English, Bahasa
4.5 / 5
15 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.5 out of 15 helpful reviews
It was a good trip and we made the most of the good weather, except for a bit of rain on the last day. The crew were very caring and made sure we enjoyed the trip from beginning to end. The guide, Phion did a good job, being with us like a traveller and taking care of our son, including cradling him for a while during the Padar Island hike. He also took me to the Komodo village on Komodo Island, providing me with a chance to meet the villagers and see around their tiny settlement. The food was fine and we particularly liked the drinks. Looks like the roof needs to be fixed to avoid water leaking in the bedroom during rain. The first two days went according to plan, however, the final day was a bit of a disappointer, I must say. We had been given a hint at possible bad weather the previous night and it was confirmed on the third day morning. The guide informed us we could not make it to Taka Makassar and Kanawa as the waves could be menacing. Instead, they would try to look for some 'less known spots' near the Komodo island. A while after, this was not the case. They asked us if we could return to Labuan Bajo if the rain didn't stop soon though the sky was brightening up quickly. I wasn't happy happy about this and asked for one spot to stop by on the way back and revisit Manjerite snorkelling spot (which we did on Day 1). They agreed, but again, there was no stop at any scenic spot, rather the boat headed to Manjerite. We had a good time there before reaching back to LB at 1 pm. The itinerary says the tour ends at 4.10 pm on the last day. We had no problem abiding by the Captain's rules and regulations set based on weather conditions. At the same time, we felt that they could have taken us to other spots where we wouldn't meet with rough seas. We passed by several beaches on the way back and we had years of time to relax there or take a swim. The boats that sailed with us (the same ones, more than 10 or 12) on Day 1 & 2 were not to be seen with us on the way back. May be something the organisers could think about for future trips. Thanks.
27 Dec 2020
I am very dissapointed , you are misseling and missinforming people , the ship crew ismaking extra money on park entry 350.000 is a bit much . You advertised komodo island but we git rinca instead plus instead of 5 destination there were four. I do expect a partial refund as reimbursment, orllotherwise i will ensure my review is on every single website you advertise your services.
Andrzej Malesa
10 Apr 2020

Dear Andrzej,

We are very sorry to hear you did not have an enjoyable experience during your trip to Komodo National Park.
Our listing does say that the itinerary is weather dependent (please note the language at the itinerary section: This is a sample itinerary and may be weather-dependent. Start/end times may depend on transport chosen.) It is not always possible to make it to all the islands due to safety reasons. This was the unfortunate case during your trip and the reason why the captain directed the route to Rinca rather than Komodo.

The itinerary advertises only four locations. You will note there is a slash between Manjerite and Kelor. I'm sorry if that was not clear.

Finally, we are not sure what you mean by "crew makes money" from the park entrance fees. These fees are set by Komodo National Park, and the crew assist to collect and pay the fees so as to expedite the process. If there is something else you have in mind, do let us know.

Once again our sincere apologies your trip did not go as planned.

Kamana Trip 13 Apr 2020
Asiem Sanyal
07 Mar 2020
Really enjoyed the trip. I especially liked swimming with the Manta Rays that was a once in a lifetime experience! The food was very tasty and our guide Teddy was very friendly and knowledgeable. My only criticism would be that I felt a bit cramped on the boat, it was very hot and when the boat wasn't moving it felt very stuffy. We were right at the front so could open the window. Really enjoyed the day though I would definitely recommend.
Katie Barratt
29 Jan 2020
We had 2days1night private trip with 3 people. The boat was very nice, clean, and the staffs maintained its cleanliness very well. The staffs were very nice, they served us many foods and they were all delicious! The guide was also willingly to explain all about labuan bajo. We hope to stay longer but we couldn’t, too bad!
09 Dec 2019