KOREF Desaru Leisure Farm

Situated in Desaru Ecological Park, KOREF Desaru Leisure Farm is owned and managed by Mr. Tan. Mr. Tan is experienced in casual farming and also co-owns Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm in Kluang. Mr. Tan is committed to protecting the environment, both his farms practices the natural way of farming thus producing organic crops.
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4.5 / 5
24 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.5 out of 24 helpful reviews

Super great place to vist and stay if you wanna experience with nature. Enjoy staying in "tree house". Good owner, good food and have such a lovely guide dog as well. Enjoy doing water activities! And don't forget to enjoy firecamp at night! ♡

Aty Atyqah
24 Jul 2020

My kid and friends love this place! They had a wonderful time there. So much activities and they were so excited to see the animals and they loved the rafting and other water sports. A place full of surprises for them and myself.

Isabelle Chin
16 Nov 2019
I love this leisure farm, it's perfect for an old and small family. There are tree houses, stone houses, large and small lakes, bush mountains, beautiful water towns (in progress), water and flying nest activities and so much more. Getting into nature and breathing fresh air is the best enjoyment of life. I'll be back!
Iryne Ting
12 Oct 2019

Roll your sleeves up and experience the simple life of farming at Koref Desaru Leisure Farm. There’s nothing more refreshing than inhaling fresh air and filling your eyes with greeneries.

Mohamad Amirul Syafiq
05 Oct 2019

Is an impressive job made there. Big land, animals and beautiful view

Yoga Dance by Dessy
05 Aug 2019