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Kulu Safaris is the first luxury tented safari opeartor in Sri Lanka, and have hosted many nature lovers over the years. They have hosted and guided many NatGeo and Discovery channel crews. Kulu Safaris will host you well, not only on safari drives but also at camp with delicious meals and perks like treehouse happy hours.
19 years experience
4.9 / 5
59 reviews

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What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.9 out of 59 helpful reviews
The tented accomodation was 5 star !!. The food and the service was excellent. The staff were very accomodating and attentive. The rooms were comfortable and gave you that exciting feeling that you are in the wilderness . The property has lovely spots to hang out and chill as well. Its one of my best stays ever.
Farzana K, Sri Lanka
15 Nov 2019
The service and attention to detail at Kulu Safaris was excellent - the staff anticipated our every want before we even knew we wanted it! The food was some of the best we ate is Sri Lanka, really focused on all the traditional. The chef happily catered for our fussy 14yo and the wine selection at dinner was excellent. Meals were served outside which was different and special and lots of wild animals to watch while we ate. Very friendly and knowledgable guides. We saw leopards, elephants and a sloth bear even though it wasn't peak season. 5-star all the way - worth the extra money for a once in a lifetime!
Kelly Ac
10 Oct 2019
A most enjoyable experience in large measure due to friendly welcome by all the staff. Ramani, the Manager, was always checking that everyone was well looked after. The accommodation in a tent with an outside seating area, was well kitted out with aircon, WiFi, safe and a bathroom with a toilet, washbasin and very efficient shower. A very welcome addition after a hot day out on safari. They provide you with a very powerful rechargeable torch which is very useful for walking through the trees and seeing where the tree roots are on your way to dinner so you arrive safely without tripping up! For the drives, they have a Toyota V8 Land Cruiser which is a very powerful. There are two safari drives daily, you are woken at 5.00 a.m, given a cup of tea and you leave at 5.30a.m for a half hour drive to the park. Manju, a Naturalist and Ajith were our two guides and they tried extremely hard to find a leopard, waiting by a recent kill but to no avail. However we saw lots of different wonderful birds, kite, bee eaters, Indian rollers, spotted deer, monkeys, mongoose, jackals, wild boar, kingfishers, peacocks, jungle fowl (Sri Lankan National bird), star tortoise (200 years old), elephants, water buffaloes, painted stork, pelican and the black headed oriole which I nicknamed the banana bird due to its bright yellow colour! In the afternoon we went to another park called Lunugamwehera which only allows two vehicles so it was a totally different calm experience. Halfway through the drive we were able to dismount and sit by the lake watching the wildlife sipping a drink, a very memorable experience. On return from our second morning drive in the road we saw a large male elephant (about 55 years old) called Raja and the locals were feeding him wood apples and water melon.
Heather S, United Kingdom
26 Sep 2019
We had an amazing experience in this most natural setting with absolute peace and quiet, packed with adventures we never would forget. Kayaking, Seeing quiet parts of Yala we had never been to, a natural Fish Spa, and a River Bath. We have come to yala many times but never had a full experience like this before. We realised there’s more to yala than just safari. The staff were exceptionally hospitable and did so much to help us. Everyone was great but specifically mentioning Manjula and Rohana given they interacted a lot with us.. This is easily one of our best holiday experiences in Sri Lanka ( and we holiday in Sri Lanka a lot ) and we look forward to coming back one day and definitely recommend kulu safari for those who love nature.
Eran76, Sri Lanka
10 Sep 2019
We revisited the Kulu Safari Camp after four years and were overjoyed to note that the excellent standard was maintained: delicious food, lovely table decorations, super service in general, luxurious tents, extremely well trained, competent and friendly staff. In the mornings we woke to the sound of a miraculous multitude of different birds. The safaris themselves were a treat and some included swims in the most magical jungle streams. What topped it all was the wonderful tree-house in the crown of an old 'balu' tree, with a fantastic view over the surrounding hills and lakes. It was also heartwarming to observe that the over thousand trees of diverse sorts that had been planted four years ago had grown beautifully and promise to turn the site into a lush jungle in time to come. It was a pleasure to watch the staff watering the trees morning and evening. We thank the staff and the owners of Kulu Safari Camp from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful time we were given the opportunity to spend in this magical place and wish them all the best and lots of guests. We shall definitely return one day!
Rita Amitrigala
13 Aug 2019