La Fortuna Yacht

La Fortuna Yacht is a European build Flash 45ft Powered Catamaran for charter specially designed for smooth and luxurious cruising!
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4.8 / 5
18 reviews

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What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.8 out of 18 helpful reviews
The Host and Captain are very friendly and helpful; they are on stand-by for us and helped us along the trip. They allowed us to come in early for our decorations and helped with our food arrangement. It was a fantastic and memorable trip for all of us. Thank you so much and this is really recommended
Le Thi Thu Trang
01 Feb 2023

Thank you for your kind feedback. It has been our pleasure to serve you onboard!

La Fortuna Yacht 01 Feb 2023

Friendly staff and a memorable day on the boat with 8 people

30 May 2022

Hi Nikki, thank you for the nice feedback. It is our pleasure to serve you onboard La Fortuna.

La Fortuna Yacht 30 May 2022

We had a great time on the boat. Lisa was very responsive and answered all our questions quickly. Thanks for a great afternoon

Ashley Keohan
24 Mar 2022

Thank you! It is our pleasure to have you all onboard La Fortuna.

La Fortuna Yacht 24 Mar 2022
The crew were fantastic, however the destination left a little to be desired. Basically we stopped in the middle of the channel, with a really strong current and had to stay on the magic carpet. If we hadn't have hired the magic carpet, not sure we could have gone in the water. Surely there are more sheltered areas to visit from the West Coast.
Stephanie Condon
06 Dec 2021

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, it was spring tide and the currents were stronger than usual. Nonetheless, thanks for being so sporting and still had a great time onboard and on our large floating mat! The crew were happy to serve you all.

La Fortuna Yacht 06 Dec 2021

Excellent service! We felt very comfortable and safe, we also wanted to paddle board and they managed to help us get a rental!!

Sandra Lynn
28 Nov 2021

Thanks for the kind feedback. Its been our pleasure to serve you. :)

La Fortuna Yacht 06 Dec 2021