LooLa Eco Resort
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Speaks: Fluent English, Bahasa
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Marc van Loo ("Loo") and Isabelle Lacoste("La") fell in love with Indonesia in their backpacking days and wanted to spread their newfound passion for the country to the community. As people with sustainability visions, they aimed to share the hospitality of the local Indonesian people and educating others on sustainability at the same time. Marc and Isabelle designed the resort's various programs with great personal care, tailoring them to fit all ages. With a target of utilising 100% renewable energy, LooLa Eco Resort is currently 70-100% generated by solar power. The couple wishes to share their sustainability goals with you, and prove that a vacation can be sustainable, luxurious, and enjoyable at the same time!
Refuse Plastics
Green Fuels
Social Enterprise
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58 reviews