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Locations: Chinatown, Fort Canning Park
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Monster Day Tours is a next-generation tour company that was built upon the team’s mission of having the world discover the true joy that comes with authentic local experiences. It all started with one man’s dream back in 2015. “Open your mind and try new things,” our founder TY Suen believes. It is the willingness to embrace different things, people, and cultures that makes travel desirable for so many travelers, and it is this same adventurous spirit that spurred him to create Monster Day Tours. With the vision to bring authentic experiences to as many travelers as possible, TY set on a resolute journey to set things right. It was a bold step, not to mention an uphill battle, and it stirred the industry up a little. Against all odds, Monster Day Tours grew to become the biggest walking day tour operator in Singapore after 4 years, and we have more than 1,000 positive reviews on Tripadvisor as testimonials to our dedication. Today, we stay rooted in our belief of offering day tours that are authentic, immersive, affordable, and memorable. So that you can fulfill your travel goals and enjoy travel freedom to the fullest. Exactly like our ‘King Kong-inspired’ logo, our tagline "Go Big or Go Home" promises to offer only king-sized adventures and king-sized fun - eat, play, explore, and party as hard as you can! 
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