Neptune Surfing School

One of the largest surfing schools in Bali serving more than 800 guests each month. Not to worry about attention though, they have over 20 staff who are dedicated to fulfilling your every need. As a bonus, they offer homemade doughnuts as snacks for surfers! If that doesn't seal the deal, nothing will!
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5.0 / 5
7 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 7 helpful reviews
I have taken surf lessons in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and now Bali. By leaps and bounds, Neptune Surfing School is the best among them for the following reasons: 1. Super friendly staff 2. Brand new facility with showers 3. New cars 4. New boards 5. Excellent surf coaches I would come back to Bali just to take surf classes with Neptune. I highly recommend them. ️️️️️
JohnWChang, California
29 Mar 2019
I’ve joined the family surfing package with these guys and I don’t regret it not even one bit. Although it’s a brand new surf school, I must say that they know what they’re doing compared to all the others who don’t even reply an email... Neptune replied in 12 minutes! The hotel transfer was on time, nice branded car with a funny driver. Surf school is out of this world, facilities are incredible ... you must see it to understand what I mean. We had Roy as an instructor and it was such a surprise to find out at the end as we were talking this and that, he’s an certified instructor actually... that was even more reassuring of the service we got. In the water we felt safe and my son who has done some surfing before, for him was quite fast. Myself, I fall 999 times, stand up once haha but it was amazing because Roy celebrated with us every time. 30 minutes in the water and you’re already wasted, you don’t realize the effort you have to put in until you’re right there and then. Break in between sessions and then go again, we spend about 2 hours in the water, enough to give you muscle pain the next day hahah. We got photos as well, the photographer was always around, always present. Highly professional and nice guy as well, Forgot his name though :-) Neptune Surfing School, you rock guys! You will have a good future ahead!
22 Jan 2019

The master name “R”, export for this game ,so nice and funny guy . The same time , so patiently in the sea:)

11 Jan 2019
To be honest, I thought surfing wasn't my hobby until I went to Neptune Surfing School and learn how to do it! Everything that they done for me is enough to make me write this review... starting from the pick up time until I dropped at Kuta Beach, everything was perfect. The briefing and learning is also good and I have received it very clear. The instructor was very good as well... he's so patient, always cheerful and it makes the learning session more fun and it makes me want to go surfing again and again. Everything was professionally arranged and I definitely recommend anybody come to Neptune Surfing school. it's very worth it!
I Made Partha W
09 Jan 2019
Wow "fantastic" that is the first word that i will give to this surfing school. I tried surfing before but it is not so awesome and amazing like this. We go to the beach together and the instructor is so friendly and make sure that everything is gonna be fun. After we arrived at the beach, The instructor let me to take a sit on the chair with the very beautiful view of Kuta beach and then the instructor start explaining about the surfing course. The instructor is so professional, he start explaining me from the part of the surf board, the current wave and weather condition, tips and tricks how to stand up and manuver on the surf board, and the most that i like is about the safety... Wow, they make me feel like beach boy. I can stand up on the surfboard at my first wave, wow that feeling is so amazing. You feel like fly over on the sea. I really highly recommend you to use this surfing school if you want to be as proper or prudent surfer. Thank you to Roy (my instructor) and Deby that make my day is so amazing.
25 Dec 2018