Nongsa Point Marina & Resort

The owners at Nongsa Point Marina & Resort wish to bring you a Mediterranean paradise and a waterfront destination that is one-of-a-kind. With the staff's warm hospitality and willingness to go beyond the extra mile, you will be sure to find this resort the ideal home away from home!
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3.7 / 5
60 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

3.7 out of 60 helpful reviews
We are really pampered on this resort. All you can do is relax your self with all the amenities with a great sceneries and of course the beach. It is also expensive here, better to have a pack up food before your enter (just a tip). Great experience and very accommodating staffs as well!
03 Mar 2020

I’ve spent 2 nights here during my trip to Singapore. The Marina resort is a beautifully located hotel with spectacular view, very friendly staff and spacious rooms. I’d visit this place again in the future.

29 Feb 2020

i will definitely come back and recommend this place. Breakfast was good, great pool, friendly staff, room was outstanding and cold.

21 Feb 2020
I've visited NPMR quite a few times now and I am very fond of it. It's not perfect but it has a certain charm and vibe that keeps us boaters coming back. The marina itself is beautiful and very well sheltered from the choppy sea that lies just outside. The grounds are buildings are impressive and picturesque. The chalets are quite tired but serve their purpose, and the rooms near the pool are very nice. Wherever you are standing in the marina or resort, the views are spectacular.
11 Feb 2020
Just 45mins on a ferry from Singapore is this nice little spot great for a quick getaway but if you want it to yourself I'd suggest going through the week as soon as Saturday arrives so do the people. 1st impressions from a distance outside it's so nice but as you get closer you start to notice it's a bit run down then you enter your room and notice that it's pretty run down walls look dirty because of the patchwork of paint air-con & ceiling fan that has only 1 speed OFF or ON and on is full speed blowing you out the room. The bathroom is missing sink plug so be careful you don't drop anything and shower screen has so much gap there's no point of having 1 also ran out of hot water very quickly. They have many many staff around but for some reason non come around the pool to take orders for food or drinks yet when you go into the bar they are just sitting there and if you go to the restaurant there maybe 5-6 just sitting around talking. We also went to the spa there which was ok but could be much better the room i had was up a set of spiral stairs which after a massage isn't very good to come down so I'd suggest that they place all room on the lower floors also as nice as she was the lady was on the larger size and when she got on the table to massage me the table was creaking like it was going to give way and also when she massaged my back from standing in front of my head her belly was squashing into my head not a nice/comfortable or relaxing feeling at all. As for the food it was AMAZING very tasty and fresh as we could eat it all day. Overall it's a nice place to stay i just hope management start to do/looking to some of the things I've mentioned and it would make a guest feel that much better.
09 Feb 2020