North Bali Reef Conservation
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Locations: Amed Tulamben
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North Bali Reef Conservation is a Non-Governmental Organisation and coral reef restoration program based in the small fishing village of Tianyar on the North East coast of Bali. Tianyar’s reef has the potential to be a healthy and highly diverse coral reef but is currently in poor condition due to irresponsible and unsustainable actions in the past. Until the 1950s the Tianyar beach was a trading port where ships would anchor on the reef to trade basic goods for fresh food and water. Before, it was also fashionable to harvest coral for it to be crushed into a fine white powder and used in the construction of local homes and infrastructure. More recently, the marine ecosystem is under pressure from plastic pollution choking marine life as well as pressure from a few individuals using unsustainable fishing practices. An urgent need to conserve and restore the reef was identified and in 2017 North Bali Reef Conservation was founded by Ketut. Alongside our aim to restore and conserve Tianyar’s coral reef, we also aim to provide an alternative, sustainable livelihood to the local people.
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